#WCW Zaakiyah Bhikha- 9 insights from a local fashion girl you need to know about

Feature image: Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

This week my #WCW goes out to an incredibly smart young woman who completely shatters the idea that women in fashion are well-dress she-devils. She’s a fashion buyer in training at the Edcon Retail Academy, a yoga teacher and very dear friend of mine.

Here’s a little bit more about this week’s fashion guru.

Source: @zaakiyahbhikha on Instagram

Where did your fashion career officially begin?


“It began in 2014 at LISOF where I majored in Buying and Merchandising, Merchandise Mathematics, Marketing and Trend Analysis. I then completed my honours in Sustainable Design at the University of Johannesburg in 2017. I am currently completing my masters in the digital sphere.”

Do you have a favourite trend right now and if so what is it?


“I don’t really have a favourite trend at the moment. I never really follow trends unless I believe in them. I believe that we shouldn’t merely buy into the things that we see because all we’re doing is perpetuating a culture of consumerism and instant gratification. When I do however choose to support a trend, it has to be in line with my values and who I am as individual.”


What do you love the most about working in the fashion industry?


“I love the constant change and its fast paced nature; there’s never a routine. I enjoy learning about consumer behaviour and how it affects trends, range building and fashion forecasts.”


Describe your ideal job


“When I started studying, the end goal was always buying but now, I envision a title cross in digital marketing and buying. I also love helping people and growing with them, so my dream job definitely needs to be combination of something that I love and a hobby that I enjoy.”

Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

When you are confronted with the choice between leopard print and snakeskin, which print wins?



“Leopard is timeless but this season snake is a massive trend across apparel and footwear and I love it.”


Since Jo’burg is your home, where are your favourite places to hang out?


“Anywhere with good design, ambience and delicious dessert. I went vegan last year so that’s got me exploring more food options. I am sometimes called the human Zomato so from me to you, here are some stand out spots around this city;

Vegan Connection Market

Fussy Vegan

Iris Garden in Rivonia

Coalition for the best margarita pizza

Keyes Art Mile for the art and food.

How did your fitness journey lead you to teaching yoga?



“My mom introduced me to yoga when I was twelve. When I decided to take my fitness seriously, yoga was a tool that helped me connect my mind and body. The practise has allowed me to look into myself, love and appreciate my life. Yoga has been a huge support and motivator for me.’’

Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

Where did you complete your teacher training?


“I completed my 200 yoga teacher training hours with Tegan Burger at Tegan B Yoga. It was important to find and work with somebody that I could relate to.”

Where and when can people join your classes?



Vibrant Vinyasa on Sunday at 8:00

Alternating Thursday at Prima Fitness

People can also follow me on Instagram @zaakiyahbhika


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