#WCW Meet Alexia Oliver- A future medical doctor and cancer survivor

feature image source: @alexia_oliver on Instagram; MUA:@jeannemy_artistry

This is Alexia Oliver who recently featured as a guest on Wrapped Radio.

@alexia_oliver on Instagram photographer: @charlemagneolivier

Alexia was a final year medical student at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2017.

@alexia_oliver on Instagram

She has experienced a series of seemingly insurmountable medical challenges over the past two years, 

@alexia_oliver on Instagram
@alexia_oliver on Instagram

and on Monday the 30th of September, she was declared completely cancer free.

@alexia_oliver on Instagram

For more of her story tune into Wrapped Radio and follow her work on @cancer.babes.sa on Instagram or join the Cancer Babes, South Africa Facebook Page.


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