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We may not be anywhere near summer or have the slightest desire to be seen in open toe shoes, however, one thing we can ascertain is that the vintage square toe shoes of the ‘90’s are back to reclaim their stop at the top of the “hottest accessories” list.

First we welcomed the re-emergence of the kitten heels and shortly after that dad’s retro sneakers became a hit. I now think it’s safe to say that the world of footwear has mastered the art of turning seemingly ‘ugly’ shoes into fashion must-haves. 

Although pointed rodeo boots are all the rage at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before square fronts take over our Insta feeds.

By no means do I or have I ever considered myself a fashion forward or an early adopter so I’ll probably, if at all wait until this trend’s lifespan has matured until I throw my money at it however, if I were to give it a try right away these would be my reasons for doing so.


  • Square front= more room


Simply by judging the square fronts I can almost guarantee that there will be more than enough room for my toes to move around, which is great for the health of my baby toes. Secondly,


  • I have long feet so pointed toes are a NO!


Perhaps it’s just a personal hang up but I generally don’t feel too great about my feet looking longer than they need to. The square shape will always be a comfortable balance between sharp points and circular fronts.

Now to getting your fix

For now, there’s serious inspiration to be drawn from the Bottega Veneta’s Instagram page and on occasion the Insta stories of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller and Kourtney Kardashian however for a more practical approach, here’s our list of accessible square fronts.


White square toe sandal, Zara, R859
Flat woven slingbacks, Zara, R999
Mock Croc slip on at MRP, R229


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There’s a whole lot more to luxury fashion than monograms and expensive price tags and this week’s woman crush, Elishia Govender educates us on exactly that.

What were you doing before starting your career in luxury fashion?

“I used to work for Rivers Church as a receptionist & volunteered there for many years.”

How long have you been working in this industry?

“I started working in 2012 for Louis Vuitton and joined Gucci in 2015. This year marks 7 years in the high luxury fashion retail environment.”

eli_sh_ia on Instagram

What has it been like working with brands that have a rich heritage yet also have  a major influence on millennials?

“Working for an Italian brand has been phenomenal. It has been nothing but a privilege to have been a part of the revolution that Allesandro Michele has made into every millennials definition of what true fashion is right now. No boundaries, gender fluid and expressive.”

If it wasn’t luxury fashion, where do think you’d be working?

“My heart will always be in outreach to underprivileged schools and kids. I am on a journey to begin an outreach to schools in rural areas where myself and a few friends of mine have decided to start an NGO where we would be able to start assisting kids through all grade with financial aid, life skills, after school projects and counselling. We aim to start bridging a major gap that we have found with many schools that are in dire need of assistance with financial aid, after school activities and life skills.”

Where do you currently work and what do you do there?

“I currently work for Gucci and I am the Department manager for the store in Johannesburg.”

What have been some of the greatest rewards of working for brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton opened a door to find my passion in the fashion industry and styling. There is so much more to the fashion world apart from just clothing. Gucci gave me a platform to put forward my experience and grow myself. I started as a sales associate and built my way up. I have been able to travel the world, visit the fashion capital and discover the design process for some of the most iconic pieces known to the brand and that has just been the start of my career. I still feel like I have just unlocked my first chapter to this amazing adventure as there is so much to still experience.

eli_sh_ia on Instagram

What have been some of the greatest challenges you’ve encountered in retail?

“My greatest challenge has been adapting to situations. Fashion evolves and it takes a lot of dedication to keep yourself well informed about competing brands , product knowledge, customer relations; these are all the pieces that get the complete puzzle together.”

What do you wish people knew about working in fashion and especially retail?

“Retail can be so rewarding, but only if you put the time and effort into it. It isn’t easy and takes so much dedication and hard work. I have worked up to 15 hours a day sometimes. I started off as just a sales associate with no idea that it could lead me to such a magical career. It took me a few good years to become the Department Manager as that position had been created in South Africa specifically for me. It taught me perseverance and sacrifice, I gave up many family events, holidays and so many special occasions to be at work. Retail hours can be a nightmare. It was so tough at first but I get to travel the world now for amazing events, pre- screenings of seasons and even all expenses paid weeks to Italy as a reward for all my hard work. From the outside, society sees retail as just a poor little sales job that someone was lucky enough to get, but to be chosen to be an ambassador for such a prestigious international brand is every girl’s dream if they have a flair for fashion. Stick to your passion and work hard at what you believe you deserve.”

eli_sh_ia on Instagram

Is working in luxury fashion as glamorous for employees as it is for the brands’ customers?

It really is a glamorous job, sometimes we do have bad experiences but it comes with working face to face with people from different walks of life. But when it’s gets good it gets really good. Meeting famous people and growing relationships with people you’d never think you’d meet in your own world is nothing but magical. It’s encouraging to meet people who have worked extremely hard to be able to afford such expensive brands and even if they don’t necessarily buy from the store we meet many people who really do admire us for the brand we represent.

From the current collections in store right now, which 2 items for men and women would you recommend as the perfect gift?

My favourite piece at the moment is Flashtrek. An amazing collection of gender fluid shoes. I love that about Gucci; fluidity of genders, no boundaries and no rules to the fashion world.

Shop some of the coolest winter jackets for every chilly occasion this season.

Casual jackets

Dress up jackets

Puffers and bombers

Timeless classics


The cooler weather calls for longer sleeves. Here are some of the stand out pieces currently available online.

Occasion Dresses


Formal Dress

Casual Dresses

Printed Dresses


Hair Clips

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10/10 copy pasting @fannyekstrand

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Scrunchies and Head Scarves

Shells, beads and mega perspex 

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I recently returned from a brief girls trip and now that I’m back, I know that basking in the sun wouldn’t have been this cool without these 6 things.

Floppy Hats

The wider the brim, the better as your entire face and shoulders will be shielded from the relentless rays.

Floppy hat, MRP, R99


Regardless of your complexion, sunscreen is an essential one cannot do without on long days out.


A large part of enjoying the summer sun includes protecting everything that needs protecting, your eyes included. Also, you can choose as many options as you like.

Cateye sunglasses, MRP, R59.99


This, I found to be the perfect cover-up for the walks from my room to the pool. It also provided comfort and protection when the sun felt too harsh on my body.

Flamingo cover up, MRP, R139.99

Bottled water

Long days in the sun require a heavy dose of hydration. Water is always the best option and less sugar you consume on a warm day, the better you’ll feel.

Pool float

This device takes the number one spot. It allows you to ease into the water and enjoy a good read.

Pool float, Big Mouth at Superbalist, R399











This week marks the official end of the summer holidays and the the start of the 2019 work calendar for many of us. While the festive season slowly slips away into the distance and the realities of deadlines, traffic and hard core adulting become unavoidable, it’s easy to hit a slump.

As with anything, you can trust the online self-help community to offer countless methods for beating the post holiday blues, but one thing that is as effective as always (obviously, only coming a close second to an end of season sale binge) is of course a return to the basics, the essentials or the ‘building blocks’ to any balanced wardrobe and killer street style.


When it comes to getting clear about the basics, simply imagine not buying or thrifting a single garment or accessory for the next 365 days. If you’re sure that what you already have in your possession will see you through the next sun rotation with enough desk to dinner and off-duty looks that never go out of fashion, then you’re good.

However, there’s no harm in going over a checklist or creating your own to ensure that you have all that you need, so here goes;

The working girl’s ultimate checklist for essential items:

  • Items should be versatile and outlast the ever changing seasons.
  • All about prints? Make polka dots, stripes and wild florals your go-tos.
  • Make quality over quantity your thing, items that need to go the distance should be of premium quality, so make room in your purse to spend a little extra on nice things that last.
  • Accessories that work with almost all your outfits.

Dresses: You seriously cannot go wrong with a dress collection that consists of a perfectly fitting LBD, a fluid midi, a light weight shirt dress and a flowing maxi.

Long sleeve shift dress, Superbalist, R379
Logo Printed Tunic, Zara, R599

Tops: A button down shirt is the ideal go-betweener for a suit up day or the off-duty jeans and slides day. A quirky slogan tee is guaranteed to lift your mood no matter how bad the day.

Rebecca shirt – orange & white, Cotton On at Superbalist, R399
Statement t-shirt, MRP, R99

Bottoms: For the corporate girl, a pencil skirt is a sure staple. Make sure to switch up the texture every so often. Wide and slim leg trousers, denim jeans and checked skirts are fail safe options for a winning collection.


Pencil skirt, Zara, R339
Skinny jeans, Mango, R399

Jackets: Oversized blazers, and biker jackets are timeless pieces that make for the best transitional pieces, great in summer and equally perfect in winter.

Oversized denim jacket, Missguided at Superbalist, R899
Biker Jacket, Forever 21 at Superbalist, R849

Shoes: A balanced shoe collection ranges from courts to medium heels, flats and sneakers.

Ankle strap heels, Butterfly Feet at Superbalist, R399
Classic Cortez, NIKE at Superbalist,

Accessories: Your accessories are probably your hardest working items and therefore need to be the most durable and stylish.

Cateye, Rubi at Cotton On, R179
Boxy cross body, Rubi at Cotton On, R299






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The truth is, we all love a great Instagram shot and while there are many factors to be considered when creating posts, a study that was conducted by Nat Geo, entitled The most popular Instagram posts revealed that the determining factors of quality post rest not only in a Grammer’s editing skills or clever use of words, but in the choice of location too.

The study showed that places that evoke feelings of wanderlust and curiosity are instant attention grabbers.

While there is no proven formula to success, it is safe to say that a solid choice of backdrops will do wonders for your summer posts and overall profile.


So, from blue waters to the spaza around the corner, here are 4 places we recommend you make the use of, to help push your posts to the top.

The nautical experience: Okay, this option may come across as a little extra, however if fortune favours you and allows you access to a boat or a yacht, then our advice is; use it! The wanderlust factor will instantly make your post a hit.

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Private cruise #chasingthesunset

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just finished my daily basket of focaccia…hbu?

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….sailing to St Tropez today. 🌞💐

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Supermarkets and flower spots: The beauty in these options is that you don’t have to go far and wide to snap great content and usually these stores offer endless options to coordinate your looks to your favourite food, beverages and flower arrangements. You can think of them as the prepared sets you don’t have to pay for. Another thing- trolleys are insanely great as props too.

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Rolling in @converse.za 🛒🛒🛒 #RatedOneStar

A post shared by A & G Siebritz (@siebritztwins) on

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High in the sky on a rooftop:  Naturally, these are the best because every major city has a list of them and they usually come standard with spectacular views. So the next time you’re in search of a winning location, remember that some of the best are a couple of storeys high.

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Whether you love or hate it, embrace or fear it; neon is back and swiftly taking over runways, streets and feeds. We all know that, while the wild acid colours synonymous with ‘80’s are fun to sport, they can be equally as challenging to pull off. Thankfully, there is plenty of inspiration to go around from local and international stars that will help you, your bff and her mother make shocking shades something to look forward to right now. Simply give these 4 simple tricks a try.

Go sporty:

Embrace the adrenaline of motocross-inspired attire with bike shorts, fitted turtlenecks and colour blocking trousers. Accessorise with tinted sports goggles, white dad sneakers and a miniature body for a finished look.

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Poison Ivy. 📷 @lashshots

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Parachute track pants, Factorie, R399  
Reflective visor sunglasses, Missguided at Superbalist, R194

The Extra Effect: The neon fashion phenomenon is one that gives you free reign to push the limits on extra. Pick your shocking shade and match it to your hair nails and bag and all of your little and (not so little) favourite things.

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waiting for my baby to wake up like.. 🧡

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Power blazer, Vero Moda at Superbalist, R749
Umbro Lcn Tape Strap Bralette, Factorie, R249
Power pants, Vero Moda at Superbalist, R329
Orange espadrille, Espadril at Superbalist, R799

We’re here for a full on ‘80’s acid revival with the season’s approved anoraks and parachute track pants.

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Perth Australia 🇦🇺 #Mafikizolo20

A post shared by Nhlanhla Nciza (@nhlanhla_nciza) on

Tracksuit pants, Factorie at R150

KISS-Keep it super simple with only a delicate touch of neon on your feet. Let your favourite acid slippers turn any tees and denim day into a special occasion.

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Quilted mini bag, H&M, R279


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