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Feature image source: @chesney_williams on Instagram

Here’s a little bit about a star within the South African fashion industry that you have to know about.

What did you study?

Studied a Diploma in Fashion

Where did you study?

Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy

Can you tell us a little more about AFI PRIVE and what you do there?

AFI Privé is the In-House label for African Fashion International, it is a women’s wear brand that focuses on affordable luxury as well as once off custom made pieces for any occasion. I started in the Fastrack program (2017) and made it to top 3 in the competition. After the competition came to an end I was offered a position as one of the lead designers for the label. I have been able to design beautiful collections inspired by our African continent and showcased at African Fashion International Fashion Weeks.  

Source: @chesney_williams on Instagram
Source: @chesney_williams on Instagram

What have some of your career highlights been so far?

Designing and working for Dr Precious Moloi Motsepe who is not only one of my icons but really pushes to help grow African fashion designers and showcase what we have to offer to the world. Working closely with her is a dream come true.

Attended São Paulo Fashion week SS18

Designed with Tayla Nguskos and made a luxury dress that was showcased in New York for Fashion 4 Development.

Designed ball gowns for the Miss Sundowns 2018 contestants.

Source: @chesney_williams on Instagram

What are some of the most exciting things about being a young designer in South Africa?

Right now it is extremely exciting to be a young designer in South Africa! Africa is on the rise and more than ever as designers and creatives we are being taken serious and the world is finally recognising the amazing work we create. We have the opportunity to speak to the world and showcase our crafts and inspiration.

Source: @chesney_williams on Instagram

Is there a city that inspires you?

Marrakech Morocco! I still have not been able to go but this in one city that inspires me through and through! From the culture through to the architecture of the buildings and doors as well as there patterned tiles.

What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?

Our AW19 collection was inspired by the African wildflowers. We explored the flora under our African Sun and went to Kirstenbosch gardens which provided us with vast inspiration into colours, shapes, textures and patterns.

Where can your designs be viewed and bought?

Visit our us at : afiprive.com

or at: afi_prive

we will be having a pop up soon as well and all info will be shared soon on our Instagram handle. So watch this space!

Are there any other ventures (fashion related or otherwise) that you’re involved in?

Unfortunately can’t say yet but there is an upcoming project that I am working on.

Where can people find and follow you?

Follow me on Instagram:


Feature Image: Anke Gabler

Meet the German South African beauty whose crowned with a golden afro and armed with killer fashion instincts- Anke Gabler, who’s also recognised under the alias of @missankeg on the Instagram. This proud Jozi girl is no stranger to our television screens, large scale runways and local magazine covers and amongst an entire list of fabulous things.

We spent some time ‘chatting’ many weeks ago as best as we possibly could in the midst of tight schedules and life’s other pressing demands. Through all the chaos however, one thing that  remains absolutely indisputable about the kind-hearted Anke, it’s that the world of fashion and Anke Gabler go together as well as sugar does with cake.

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the gorgeous cover girl who’s always on your tv screens, we’ve got you and ten insights that reveal so much more than her mysterious green eyes.

How old are you?

“I am 25”

Source: Anke Gabler

Which city were you born in and where do you currently live?

“I was born and raised in Johannesburg and still live here- it’s home.”

What is your history in fashion?

“I am a creative, and I’ve always expressed myself through fashion. I got a BA degree in the science of fashion after high school, and it gave me the knowledge and tools to analyse fashion trends and create my own garments.”

As a fashion model, what are your go to looks for castings and shoot days?

“I have two different looks for a castings and shooting. For a casting I usually dress in a simple black outfit built from a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain figure hugging t-shirt. However, on shoot days, I prefer to dress in my gym clothes because they are comfortable but most importantly they are easier to get in and out of in between look changes and when there are lunch breaks.”

Source: Anke Gabler

What’s your favourite throwback trend?

“I love how corduroy is creeping back, although I’ll admit I hated it as a child.”

Do you have a favourite accessory at the moment and if so what is it?

“I’ve never been a huge fan of accessories. But my favourite accessory and often a very underrated accessory is a belt. There are so many more options for belts other than the simple thin brown/black belt. Also it can do wonders for any woman’s waist.”

What is your favourite colour to wear now and every season?

“I love grey. It’s not too dark but has a very clean look to it.”

As a well travelled fashion girl, which country or city are you most inspired by?

“I love the romance of Italy and how it’s translated into their fashion.”

Jumpsuits, dresses or both?

“I’ll pick a dress, just because as a woman we all know the struggle of a jumpsuit when we go to the bathroom.”

Source: Anke Gabler

What is your most memorable fashion moment?

“It’s not a personal one, but a memorable moment in fashion is when Rihanna arrived at the CFDA awards covered in 230 000 Swarovski crystals, oh and a thong.”



Cover Image: Spree on Instagram

The ever declining temps may sway you towards dark and rich colours of Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate and tomato broth, but since softer, prettier palettes are the talk of the season, perhaps a blissful reminder of ice cream and candy floss will make it a little easier to welcome the winter.

So, from Instagram to you, here’s how SA women are working pastel shades right now.

Bubble gum pink: Pink in all its glory (sweet and millennial) is here to stay! When the occasion calls for a monochrome look, pastel pink is your friend. Keeping it solid in a single pastel is fail safe way to make a statement and remember there’s never been such thing as a pastel overload!

Rose Mahogany – our favourite winter pink

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Lilac: With its darker sister (Ultra Violet) crowned as the darling of colour for 2018, it’s no wonder this pastel babe is making waves right now. So, if you’re going to be dabbling in pastels this seasons, make this one your shade of choice. To ensure that it gets all the right attention, power it up with a metallic- sliver being your best bet!

….playing dress up. 👑 Styled by @kgosilesego

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Baby blue: Of all the pastel shades, this one wins as the classic. Contrary to its name, it works, too as a grown up colour, simply by coordinating it with darker shades of blue. For a more playful approach,however, throw it in the mix with pastel pink as this duo of sweet hues will forever go together like cake and sugar.

💎💎💎 #whattwiggywore #ootd #pumaxfenty

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Yellow: A whole luminous yellow tracksuit or just a top is quite something to pull off, moreover if canary yellow is not really your thing. Luckily a touch of white or cream provides just the right the balance for almost anyone to enjoy. Neutrals are fantastic addition when two or more pastel partners are at play.

Since the opening of its doors in 2011, I’ve been, and still am to this day a die hard Cotton On fan. It didn’t take much persuasion to get my mother to join the CO fan club either. (She even goes without me now)…

Since becoming a digital full-timer, I rarely leave the house to shop, because it’s simply too easy to do so behind my screens and get my purchases delivered to my door…(I know, I’ve become exceedingly lazy), so one can only imagine the joy I felt upon reading that Cotton South Africa is launching its digital store (OMG, FINALLY) and right now I know I’m not doing the happy dance alone.

I’ll certainly be glued to the Gram in anticipation for the details of the long awaited launch date.

Image Source: Cotton On

Summer days are here, finally! My excitement is already a dead giveaway to the fact that I’m a summer baby and this season is my favourite of the four.

Scorching hot days make for the best poolside or beach front chilling and are a great excuse to show off your delicious swimsuit collection. YAAAAS!

These are the 11 hottest swimsuit style to add to your costume treasury this season.


The Colour Blocker

What is summer without a generous dose of colour? Be tenacious while enjoying the pool in  vibrant colours.



Tropical Flare

High Leg

Get away with longer looking legs on the beach with a high-leg number.

Rise High

Add a touch of retro sophistication to your swimwear style with high waist bottoms or a halter top or both.

High waist



Details Baby

Swimsuits in 2017 are all about detail. Ranging from small tassels to flattering lace-ups. Take your ruffles to the pool too.

The Naked Swimsuit

Apparently naked dressing is too good to be left to skirts and dresses, so up your swimsuit repertoire with cut-out details, mesh and crochet.

Stripey Stripes

Ranging from preppy monochrome to the daring seaside alternative, it is no secret that stripes are out to play this season and we can’t enough of them.



Feature image source: Spree


We all have garments in our cupboards that we no longer wear for various reasons, either because you’ve lost your love for them, or you’ve gained a few centimetres here and there and have made numerous vows to yourself that you would lose the weight and fit into your beloved jeans again, but never did… And let’s not mention your sizeable collection of silly little garments that friends and family have given to you as gift that you’ve never really had the guts to give away or throw out. So what do you do with these item?

As thrilling and intoxicating as the fast fashion market can be with it’s generous offerings of opportunities to reinvent oneself every season, it’s important to bear in mind that there is a darker side to the clothing industry that we as fashionista’s simply cannot continue to ignore.  Collectively the global fashion industry contributes three trillion dollars to the world’s GDP and according to Fashion United an estimated 57.8 million jobs in 2014 were provided by the fashion industry worldwide.

However, the clothing industry is the second largest polluting industry of water, second to the oil, and accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and not to mention the nasty health effects it has on millions of people working to create the clothes we cannot live without.

You can think, ‘oh well that’s nice but what can I possibly do to reduce the waste? Stop buying clothes?’  No Ma’am… I’m all for bargain deals, and I’m not about to put an end to finding cheap fashion but we can all afford to take the first step by supporting initiatives such as the H&M Bring It On campaign which collects clothing in all it’s forms, torn or never worn and uses them either to re clothe those in desperate need across the world or repurposes old garments to use as stuffing for seating in the motor car industry for example. All you need to do is drop off your old clothing at any of the H&M stores. Click on the following link for more details,

Bring It On


Reducing the waste doesn’t have to be a doom and gloom experience in fact it can be very rewarding. Instead of throwing your clothes away you can participate in fashion exchanges like the Skip Fashion Exchange taking place in Sandton City for the month of July where the idea is for you to swap your previously loved clothing with someone else’s. (One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure). There are countless ways to ‘close the loop’ and participating to make the fashion industry better and OUR environment too.

Fashion Exchange


A must see documentary which sheds light on the ugly truths of the clothing industry is True Cost.

A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow- Richard Bach, One

Never before has it been sexier to be completely smitten with your curves, nor easier to dress them. When it comes to beauty, fashion and self-love, in 2017, INCLUSIVITY is the word that comes to mind. More and more brands are awakening to the beauty of the plus-size market and celebrating it, as they should. No matter what your size is or how and where your curves are, you can look and feel extraordinary even if your budget is anything but plus-size.

Understanding your body shape is the first step in the knowledge of dressing it which is empowering for any woman. With that you can wear dress in clothes that fit you well, and feel confident.

If you’re wondering where to find the best fashion for your shape; look no further than this list of brilliant local and international brands, most of which have been founded by South African women who desire to empower others in their womanhood as they know and understand what it’s like to find the perfect fitting clothes that say “come hither” (in the most elegant manner, of course).



 Visit either the Sandton or Menlyn stores to shop for stunning fashion, and find helpful sizing guides on www.citychic.co.za to ensure that you’re completely in the know.



For best up-to-the-minute, plus-size fashion at relatively affordable rates, and with several stores located across the nation, looking great has never been simpler.



The perfect boutique store situated in Hyde Park, Johannesburg to get your bust measured and find the best bra and underwear for your shape. Visit www.braguru.co.za for further information.



You’ll do a happy dance at her collection of excellently crafted and affordable LOCAL fashion. Shop your look at www.isabeldevilliers.co.za



Not only is her story bomb but so is her collection. View it at www.indecisivec.myshopify.com/collections/



Nike: If you love to work-out, or just a sports-lux kinda gal, you’re sure to find some of the best and comfortable pieces from the Nike plus-size range.


Source: Instagram, Daniel Vanier


Find your style and confidence today!



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