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“I’ve been invited to a high tea, and the last thing I want to do is rock up there in leggings and feel stupid the whole time because I didn’t wear formal attire. Help me”!

Know the feeling? You’re absolutely not alone. The truth is, most of us cringe at the idea of arriving to an event in the wrong attire.

Here’s a little secret from me to you; there are certain events that sound more posh than they really are, which often causes unnecessary stress and confusion. A high tea can be one such event. Historically, such gatherings were only attended and hosted by society’s elite and royalty, and therefore the expectations around dress code were extravagant and high.  However, much has change since then, (not that joggers and sneakers are appropriate attire) but a smart casual approach just about does it for a high tea.

However, if you are truly unsure and want to set your mind at ease, it is okay to call the host or the establishment if the invitation does not stipulate the dress code. Some establishments do require guests to dress in a certain way, but generally your nicest looking clothes will do, just ensure that you are comfortable and go sip on your tea like the queen regent you are.

Here’s a little inspiration…



Call It Spring at Spree, R899


Call It Spring at Spree, R599



Daily Friday at Superbalist, R269


Suit Pants, H&M, R329





Cold Shoulder top, Daily Friday at Superbalist, R269





Pleated skirt, Only at Superbalist, R649


Miss Black at Spree, R599



Miss Guided at Superbalist, R349





Kimono, Topshop




Madison at Spree, R699


Marique Yssel at Spree, R1799



Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but decide what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live-Gianni Versace

Style: 3. Distinctive manner of a person- Oxford English Dictionary

This definition of the word style strongly suggests that it is a very personal attribute of an individual. Not only is it the way in which you select pieces of an outfit or hold your bag, but it’s in every way that you choose to present yourself to the world.

In my experience the word style scares people, especially those who do not think of themselves as fashion forward or trend conscious. Well, I’m here to free you by sharing that this mysterious S-word is anything but scandalous and scary. It actually is all about YOU.

Fashion trends change by the day. It sometimes seems like once you’ve safely settled into a trend, a new one takes over and honestly, trying to keep up can be quite exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be.

We all live by trends, some are more devoted followers than others, and that’s okay for there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with trends either. We need them, but we don’t have to get lost in them or be defined by them. Your style has less to do with trends than you think. Having great style simply means that you rock at making any type of fashion work for you, your body shape and your tastes.

One thing that you can learn from trends, however is that your style can be flexible. It doesn’t have to remain the same, regardless of how long you’ve had it. Sometimes the transformation is exactly what you need to feel better and maybe even look better.


It’s never been easier to custom design your garments than it is now. I have a mild obsession with iron patches at the moment and without a good dose of self-discipline I will definitely get carried away, and all my clothing, canvas sneakers and cloth bags will have patches on them.

I like the idea of DIY-ing my fashion but it always works in theory and never turns out well, practically. I’m the worst seamstress known to man (to my mother’s shame) so iron on patches are great for those who like me, suck with a needle and thread or simply don’t possess the patience.

I have so many pieces in my cupboard that could do with a facelift, and even some that have tiny holes that need to be hidden…(don’t tell). So these patches have really come to the rescue.

There are hundreds of designs to choose from; military, cute emoji’s and floral pieces to name a few, and when it comes to patches and playing there are no rules on layout. You can cover a single garment with different patches or apply one statement patch- you’re the boss!

It super simply and takes a few minutes to stick, set and go.

My New look Dungarees


Mixed Pack


Mixed Pack


Mixed Pack


For enquiries and orders, email


Watch the video for a simple guideline on how to safely and easily apply your patches. Have fun.



Select, share and post, then anxiously but not too anxiously wait to see the drop down banner notification of a like, or a comment on my latest post. Five minutes go by but by then I literally cannot suppress the urge to log in and check my timeline notifications to see how many post likes I’ve gotten which my phone has rudely failed to inform me about. This cycle can continue well after 12 hours of the post going live and the excitement of it all has decayed. Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone.

And if I’m not actively policing the engagement of a post, I’m enviously scrolling through the posts of people’s lives on the Gram, or Facebook and wondering why my life isn’t as amazing as theirs. Many of us are caught in a similar story, and it was only until recently where decided to be more conscious about the way I consumed content on social media that I started to change. It’s when I took a step back to think that my value or anyone’s for that matter is not measured by the likes, followers or shares, even if that’s what we’re sometimes conditioned to think.

As a writer, research is a huge part of the job and I can easily spend up to nine hours or more a day in front of screens, be it my cell phone or laptop, and without a healthy dose of discipline, I can easily lose hours  wishing for and lusting after the achievements or the perceived riches of those I follow.

Social media platforms are the most genius data storage hubs in history, for millions of life’s moments frozen in time. For millions, these platforms serve as a canvas to tell stories and express creativity. For others the platforms are storyboards on which to share the greatest of life’s moments and sometimes the worst. Sadly, it is often the best moments of those that we follow that we compare our limited and sometimes worst moments with. That’s where we make the mistake of feeling that our life goals or the pace in which we’re achieving them is STUPID!

It’s only until I said NO! I will no longer allow comparison to steal the joy of my accomplishments, however small and however slow my pace may appear to be. It was only then that I started to feel less discouraged about my progress and more motivated to keep working on what I had in order to become better. It’s only when I dumped comparison as a partner and befriended focus that I became happier.

As I realised that I could no longer afford to lose another moment of my life in soul-destroying envy behind a screen, I saved a few tips that have helped me stay on course and will hopefully help someone who’s caught in a similar mess.

  • Stay in your lane


A phrase that my mother likes to use to keep me in check, it’s funny since she learned it from me, but in all seriousness the point is not lose yourself in trying to keep up with people’s appearances. Embrace who and where you are because you never really know the story on the other side of the screen.

  •  Not all that you see is actually what truly is

We spend time curating the perfect post, fixing our positioning to catch the best lighting and angling our bodies to find the most flattering pose as well as adding layers of filters to achieve ‘perfection’. We do all sorts of things. Some funny and others plainly ridiculous to satisfy our egos and hopefully win the approval of our followers. So, next time you feel bad, stop and think. Everyone has issues and no matter how perfectly curated an Insta feed may be, try no to believe everything you see.

  • You don’t have to post it to prove it!

Seriously, your life right now can be all that and then some, but posting every single detail can act as a little overkill. If you’re posting every single achievement to gain the ‘upper hand’ against your peers or friends, then maybe it’s time to step back and re-think why it’s really necessary. You don’t need the fleeting affirmations of others to prove that your life is indeed great.

  • Your value is in who you’ve got!

And by that I don’t mean your followers, sorry. I mean who you’ve got around you but those who are actively presence in your life. It only takes the death of a friend or a loved one to bring you back to your senses and make you realise the value of the people who chose to be actively present in your life.  Make a point to put your phone down once in awhile to engage in meaningful conversations with those who actually matter.

  • A regular detox is essential.

Do you know what it’s like to not remember what your own ideas sound like? That’s exactly what the noise of the internet can do. Simply log online and before you know it, you’re bombarded by pop-up ads, emails, and videos you may or may not have an interest in watching. In a matter of seconds your attention has been stolen as you’re lead onto unintended paths that kill your time. According to studies conducted by Mediakix, the average person spends up to two hours a day on social media, that’s more time spent on essential activities such eating, drinking and socialising, (that’s jaw-dropping stuff)!

So, make a habit of disconnecting for once a week, or at least an hour a day, just to be still and hear the sound of your own thoughts.

  • Focus on you

Lastly, Focus on your own goals and be your own cheerleader before expecting others to be. Also, always remember that forward is forward, no matter how slowly you move, with consistency and a commitment to excellence you will achieve your dreams.

With all of this said bare in mind that social media is delicious and entertaining at the best of times as well as highly informative too. The possibilities to achieve great things are endless on there, but bare in mind that all the best things are well received in moderation and with a dose of sober judgement.

A colour that the creative world is doting on right now, not necessarily because it is new (you probably own something in this colour or have seen it millions of times before) but simply for what it represents. Millennial pink is the first colour used to define the Net Generation, which makes it something more than special.

So what is it, then you ask because surely pink is pink is pink, right? WRONG!  It isn’t a single shade but a combination of peachy undertones and soft hints of blue or plainly; a soft shade of pink and in 2016 it was called Rose Quartz and Pantone’s colour of the year.

This shade of pink is a genderless gem that the fashion, beauty, and interiors industries can’t get enough of and that’s more than okay.


Source: Pintrest


Issa total yes for millennial pink hair.


Source: Pintrest


Pink spaces are definitely the most happy places.


Wear pink like a pro with these items on our list:


Look effortlessly chic in this pleated skirt, a timeless classic. Shop this piece for R129 at MRP.


Source: Nike, Air Huarache, R1499

Nike recently launched its latest workout range in millennial pink. Some of the designs featuring only a splash of pink against black, white and grey backdrops, but equally lust worthy. This fitness range will give you all the feels.

Source: Nike, R849


Source: Spree, R349

We are loving this off the shoulder and bell sleeved dress from Style Republic.


Accessories are always a good idea and especially so if you’re crushing on this colour but not enough to wear a whole garment of it.

Make a statement in pink mirrored sunglasses.

Source: Forever New, R349


Source: H&M

Soften your off duty look in this faux suede cap for R149 at H&M.

Source: Woolworths, Mimco, R1499

Seal the deal with a perfect little pink cross body bag.


We all have garments in our cupboards that we no longer wear for various reasons, either because you’ve lost your love for them, or you’ve gained a few centimetres here and there and have made numerous vows to yourself that you would lose the weight and fit into your beloved jeans again, but never did… And let’s not mention your sizeable collection of silly little garments that friends and family have given to you as gift that you’ve never really had the guts to give away or throw out. So what do you do with these item?

As thrilling and intoxicating as the fast fashion market can be with it’s generous offerings of opportunities to reinvent oneself every season, it’s important to bear in mind that there is a darker side to the clothing industry that we as fashionista’s simply cannot continue to ignore.  Collectively the global fashion industry contributes three trillion dollars to the world’s GDP and according to Fashion United an estimated 57.8 million jobs in 2014 were provided by the fashion industry worldwide.

However, the clothing industry is the second largest polluting industry of water, second to the oil, and accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and not to mention the nasty health effects it has on millions of people working to create the clothes we cannot live without.

You can think, ‘oh well that’s nice but what can I possibly do to reduce the waste? Stop buying clothes?’  No Ma’am… I’m all for bargain deals, and I’m not about to put an end to finding cheap fashion but we can all afford to take the first step by supporting initiatives such as the H&M Bring It On campaign which collects clothing in all it’s forms, torn or never worn and uses them either to re clothe those in desperate need across the world or repurposes old garments to use as stuffing for seating in the motor car industry for example. All you need to do is drop off your old clothing at any of the H&M stores. Click on the following link for more details,

Bring It On


Reducing the waste doesn’t have to be a doom and gloom experience in fact it can be very rewarding. Instead of throwing your clothes away you can participate in fashion exchanges like the Skip Fashion Exchange taking place in Sandton City for the month of July where the idea is for you to swap your previously loved clothing with someone else’s. (One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure). There are countless ways to ‘close the loop’ and participating to make the fashion industry better and OUR environment too.

Fashion Exchange


A must see documentary which sheds light on the ugly truths of the clothing industry is True Cost.

A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow- Richard Bach, One

The best fashion items are always versatile; good for the office, a hot night out with the girls and even a date with your Tinder hook-up. On the evenings where you’re rushing out of the office with no chance to head home to change; these following items strike a great balance between formal and modish.



Rango Mule, Superbalist, R1599

These lace- up mules are a perfect fit for any office look and are great for comfort for a long evening out.



Lace-up Sandal, H&M, R629


Don’t mind an extra lift, and can confidently handle your heels all day and night, then these lace-up sandals are a definite!

Black, Suede and Lace up, need we say more? These babies tick all our style and trend boxes.




Faux leather skirt, H&M, R329


Faux leather always works for a tasteful but edgy look for an office environment. Bare in mind that the length makes all the difference… Keep it classy!


Frill trousers, Style Republic at Spree, R349

Neutral does it at the office but there is no rule against some after hour fun with colour!



Dress, Style Republic at Spree, R429

Kick convention to the curb in this burgundy babe from Style Republic at Spree. I’m swooning over this dress!



Faux fur coat, Pintrest

Yes, it is indeed safe to wear animal printed faux fur to the office, and even better for a chic evening look.


Or wear one in a dark hue for a sophisticated finish.


Faux fur coat, Who What Wear


Military jacket, NextZA, R716


A double-breasted military inspired jacket, is one for keeps for almost every occasion.


Bodysuit, Mr Price, R99

It’s all in the texture. This V-neck bodysuit in velour, a great pick for a 9-5 at the office and for a sexy date in the evening.


Leather bag, FSP Collection at Superbalist, R999

A perfect bag fits all your daily essentials but is not too bulky and light to carry for a fun night out.

The shoes that surgeons and chefs quickly adopted due to their comfort and durability while we fashionista’s turned up our noses to snub, are now doing their rounds on high fashion runways and no doubt will soon be seen in fast fashion stores, (if they haven’t made their way there already). You’ve probably guessed it-CROCS are in fashion! Who woulda thunk it?


If you’re serious about fashion, the word “NEVER” should not exist in your vocabulary because the the items you swear to ‘NEVER’ be seen in are the ones you’ll most likely be wearing in five to ten years; that’s just how it goes. What is UGLY today will not stay UGLY forever.


Harpers Bazzar on Pintrest


These stone-encrusted babies that were spotted at the Chrisopher Kane S/S17 show. How long do you think it will take to spot them on the streets?


Vogue on Pintrest


Whatever look you’re going for, CROCS are reasonably easy to style and will go with almost anything from a jeans and basic tee ensemble to and almost everything in between. You can even play around by matching  your accessories to create a chic finish. So give them a chance, you’ll be surprised at how good you could look. Still not sure how to pull of the look? Visit Pintrest for loads of inspiration.




Shop these on the site, for a luxurious £275.00 but if you’re simply not convinced by the price or the encrusted stones, easily purchase a pair of plain crocs from a local store and personalise them with colours and trinkets of your choice. There’s some serious fun to be had with these “FUGLY” shoes.


Are you sold on this CROCS idea yet?

Finding a well-fitting pair of boots can prove to be quite a challenge for most of us- for those who don’t suffer from skinny or big calf-syndrome- count yourselves very fortunate. But whatever your struggle, there is ALWAYS something for everyone, and finding what works for YOU is always key, whether you’re a trendy or practical gal.

I spent some time in stores picking out some of my favourite pairs of boots, from Victorian style to metallic, combats and so much more.

Thigh-High Suede: Woolworths




Cowboy Ankle Boot: Woolworths





Gold Metallic Ankle Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)





Zip-Up Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)





Pointed Suede Ankle Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)






Combat Boot: H&M







Lace-Up: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)




Cut-Out Boot: Steve Madden




Lace-Up Boot: Steve Madden


Happy shopping!