This is for all the babes rolling on a lean budget who have sisters, BFF’s aunties and mamas to celebrate this Capricorn season. Since the beginning of the month, I have counted at least 20 people (including myself) that I know, closely and from a far who have celebrated another year of life.

Needless to say, it can get a little tricky having to keep up with all this post-festive gift shopping, but luckily with the summer sale season still in full swing it is possible to get your girl an adorable and useful gift under R300.

Statement Belts

Statement Belt, MRP, R49.99


Aztec weave belt, MRP, R40






2 pack scrunchy set, MRP, R19.99  

Satin Scarves, Shell Earrings and Messenger bags

Soho satin scarf, Rubi at Cotton On, R119.00
Whitsunday Earring, Rubi at Cotton On, R149.00
Mini messenger bag, Zara, R199



Faux Fur Shimmer Lurex Scatter Cushion, MRP Home, R199.99
Letterpress wooden letter details, Typo at Cotton On, R19.00

Gift bag, MRP, R10


So happy shopping and happy birthday month to all my Capricorn people.



Happy new year! And more happiness to you if you’re making the effort to stick to your resolutions and working towards your dreams.

I’ve made peace with the idea that there is nothing wrong with singing the ‘new year, new me’ tune, if that’s what helps you start something that will make your life better in the new year because there is no shame in trying and failing no matter what others believe.

For me, this year my ‘new year, new me’ comes in the form of a three year gym contract, an entire album on my phone dedicated to fitspo (in other words multiple screenshots of Kayla Itsines’) and a step into a world that is wildly unfamiliar and uncomfortable but promises multiple chances to become stronger.

7 January, 2019
January, 10, 2019
January, 14, 2019

While I feel like this journey is going well so far (see pics above), I’ve decided to add some of my other personal resolutions that may possibly impact the way that I dress this year.

Here are some resolutions to become a “better, clearer me” in 2019

Keep the flow going: I knew I had a lot of stuff that was no longer serving me but I had let it sit anyway. I’ve determined to thank the old stuff and let it go (thanks to my sister), to the bin or to someone who can use it better. This rule not only applies to my clothes but to relationships, opportunities, thoughts and everything else in my life that’s reached expiry.

Ditching the black: Black for me, in clothing terms, relates to comfort and it’s always been my safe zone. I don’t know what yours is or looks like, but now I’m open to more of what exists and I’m currently leaning towards light shades of pink.

Yes to prints: Yes to trying things that stand out, often.

And finally

Less impulse buys: And more thoughtfulness and focus on the things that I actually really want and not what will yield short-term satisfaction.

Please feel free to share some of your NY resolutions or goals with me in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you.


I recently returned from a brief girls trip and now that I’m back, I know that basking in the sun wouldn’t have been this cool without these 6 things.

Floppy Hats

The wider the brim, the better as your entire face and shoulders will be shielded from the relentless rays.

Floppy hat, MRP, R99


Regardless of your complexion, sunscreen is an essential one cannot do without on long days out.


A large part of enjoying the summer sun includes protecting everything that needs protecting, your eyes included. Also, you can choose as many options as you like.

Cateye sunglasses, MRP, R59.99


This, I found to be the perfect cover-up for the walks from my room to the pool. It also provided comfort and protection when the sun felt too harsh on my body.

Flamingo cover up, MRP, R139.99

Bottled water

Long days in the sun require a heavy dose of hydration. Water is always the best option and less sugar you consume on a warm day, the better you’ll feel.

Pool float

This device takes the number one spot. It allows you to ease into the water and enjoy a good read.

Pool float, Big Mouth at Superbalist, R399











This week marks the official end of the summer holidays and the the start of the 2019 work calendar for many of us. While the festive season slowly slips away into the distance and the realities of deadlines, traffic and hard core adulting become unavoidable, it’s easy to hit a slump.

As with anything, you can trust the online self-help community to offer countless methods for beating the post holiday blues, but one thing that is as effective as always (obviously, only coming a close second to an end of season sale binge) is of course a return to the basics, the essentials or the ‘building blocks’ to any balanced wardrobe and killer street style.


When it comes to getting clear about the basics, simply imagine not buying or thrifting a single garment or accessory for the next 365 days. If you’re sure that what you already have in your possession will see you through the next sun rotation with enough desk to dinner and off-duty looks that never go out of fashion, then you’re good.

However, there’s no harm in going over a checklist or creating your own to ensure that you have all that you need, so here goes;

The working girl’s ultimate checklist for essential items:

  • Items should be versatile and outlast the ever changing seasons.
  • All about prints? Make polka dots, stripes and wild florals your go-tos.
  • Make quality over quantity your thing, items that need to go the distance should be of premium quality, so make room in your purse to spend a little extra on nice things that last.
  • Accessories that work with almost all your outfits.

Dresses: You seriously cannot go wrong with a dress collection that consists of a perfectly fitting LBD, a fluid midi, a light weight shirt dress and a flowing maxi.

Long sleeve shift dress, Superbalist, R379
Logo Printed Tunic, Zara, R599

Tops: A button down shirt is the ideal go-betweener for a suit up day or the off-duty jeans and slides day. A quirky slogan tee is guaranteed to lift your mood no matter how bad the day.

Rebecca shirt – orange & white, Cotton On at Superbalist, R399
Statement t-shirt, MRP, R99

Bottoms: For the corporate girl, a pencil skirt is a sure staple. Make sure to switch up the texture every so often. Wide and slim leg trousers, denim jeans and checked skirts are fail safe options for a winning collection.


Pencil skirt, Zara, R339
Skinny jeans, Mango, R399

Jackets: Oversized blazers, and biker jackets are timeless pieces that make for the best transitional pieces, great in summer and equally perfect in winter.

Oversized denim jacket, Missguided at Superbalist, R899
Biker Jacket, Forever 21 at Superbalist, R849

Shoes: A balanced shoe collection ranges from courts to medium heels, flats and sneakers.

Ankle strap heels, Butterfly Feet at Superbalist, R399
Classic Cortez, NIKE at Superbalist,

Accessories: Your accessories are probably your hardest working items and therefore need to be the most durable and stylish.

Cateye, Rubi at Cotton On, R179
Boxy cross body, Rubi at Cotton On, R299






Feature Image: Instagram

The truth is, we all love a great Instagram shot and while there are many factors to be considered when creating posts, a study that was conducted by Nat Geo, entitled The most popular Instagram posts revealed that the determining factors of quality post rest not only in a Grammer’s editing skills or clever use of words, but in the choice of location too.

The study showed that places that evoke feelings of wanderlust and curiosity are instant attention grabbers.

While there is no proven formula to success, it is safe to say that a solid choice of backdrops will do wonders for your summer posts and overall profile.


So, from blue waters to the spaza around the corner, here are 4 places we recommend you make the use of, to help push your posts to the top.

The nautical experience: Okay, this option may come across as a little extra, however if fortune favours you and allows you access to a boat or a yacht, then our advice is; use it! The wanderlust factor will instantly make your post a hit.

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Private cruise #chasingthesunset

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just finished my daily basket of focaccia…hbu?

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….sailing to St Tropez today. 🌞💐

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Supermarkets and flower spots: The beauty in these options is that you don’t have to go far and wide to snap great content and usually these stores offer endless options to coordinate your looks to your favourite food, beverages and flower arrangements. You can think of them as the prepared sets you don’t have to pay for. Another thing- trolleys are insanely great as props too.

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Rolling in 🛒🛒🛒 #RatedOneStar

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High in the sky on a rooftop:  Naturally, these are the best because every major city has a list of them and they usually come standard with spectacular views. So the next time you’re in search of a winning location, remember that some of the best are a couple of storeys high.

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Whether you love or hate it, embrace or fear it; neon is back and swiftly taking over runways, streets and feeds. We all know that, while the wild acid colours synonymous with ‘80’s are fun to sport, they can be equally as challenging to pull off. Thankfully, there is plenty of inspiration to go around from local and international stars that will help you, your bff and her mother make shocking shades something to look forward to right now. Simply give these 4 simple tricks a try.

Go sporty:

Embrace the adrenaline of motocross-inspired attire with bike shorts, fitted turtlenecks and colour blocking trousers. Accessorise with tinted sports goggles, white dad sneakers and a miniature body for a finished look.

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Poison Ivy. 📷 @lashshots

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Parachute track pants, Factorie, R399  
Reflective visor sunglasses, Missguided at Superbalist, R194

The Extra Effect: The neon fashion phenomenon is one that gives you free reign to push the limits on extra. Pick your shocking shade and match it to your hair nails and bag and all of your little and (not so little) favourite things.

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waiting for my baby to wake up like.. 🧡

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Power blazer, Vero Moda at Superbalist, R749
Umbro Lcn Tape Strap Bralette, Factorie, R249
Power pants, Vero Moda at Superbalist, R329
Orange espadrille, Espadril at Superbalist, R799

We’re here for a full on ‘80’s acid revival with the season’s approved anoraks and parachute track pants.

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Perth Australia 🇦🇺 #Mafikizolo20

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Tracksuit pants, Factorie at R150

KISS-Keep it super simple with only a delicate touch of neon on your feet. Let your favourite acid slippers turn any tees and denim day into a special occasion.

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Quilted mini bag, H&M, R279


Image Source: Instagram

Meet the German South African beauty whose crowned with a golden afro and armed with killer fashion instincts- Anke Gabler, who’s also recognised under the alias of @missankeg on the Instagram. This proud Jozi girl is no stranger to our television screens, large scale runways and local magazine covers and amongst an entire list of fabulous things.


I spent some time ‘chatting’ this week as best as we possibly could in the midst of tight schedules and life’s other pressing demands. Through all the chaos however, one thing that  remains absolutely indisputable about the kind-hearted Anke, it’s that the world of fashion and Anke Gabler go together as well as sugar does with cake.


Now, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the gorgeous cover girl who’s always on your tv screens, we’ve got you and ten insights that reveal so much more than her mysterious green eyes.


How old are you?

“I am 24”


Which city were you born in and where do you currently live?

“I was born and raised in Johannesburg and still live here- it’s home.”


What is your history in fashion?

“I am a creative, and I’ve always expressed myself through fashion. I got a BA degree in the science of fashion after high school, and it gave me the knowledge and tools to analyse fashion trends and create my own garments.”


As a fashion model, what are your go to looks for castings and shoot days?

“I have two different looks for a castings and shooting. For a casting I usually dress in a simple black outfit built from a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain figure hugging t-shirt. However, on shoot days, I prefer to dress in my gym clothes because they are comfortable but most importantly they are easier to get in and out of in between look changes and when there are lunch breaks.”


What is your favourite trend right now?

“I love how corduroy is creeping back, although I’ll admit I hated it as a child.”


Do you have a favourite accessory at the moment and if so what is it?

“I’ve never been a huge fan of accessories. But my favourite accessory and often a very underrated accessory is a belt. There are so many more options for belts other than the simple thin brown/black belt. Also it can do wonders for any woman’s waist.”

What is your favourite colour to wear this season?

“I love grey. It’s not too dark but has a very clean look to it.”


As a well travelled fashion girl, which country or city are you most inspired by?

“I love the romance of Italy and how it’s translated into their fashion.”


Jumpsuits, dresses or both?

“I’ll pick a dress, just because as a woman we all know the struggle of a jumpsuit when we go to the bathroom.”

What is your most memorable fashion moment?

“It’s not a personal one, but a memorable moment in fashion is when Rihanna arrived at the CFDA awards covered in 230 000 Swarovski crystals, oh and a thong.”

I simply couldn’t let all the fun end there, so I screenshotted three of Anke’s off duty model looks, which I’m totally planning to copy.


The linen look with strappy heels

is the perfect off duty model to keep in mind when you cannot help but daydream about spring.

Linen -🥛🍪 #modeloffduty

A post shared by Anke Gäbler 🇿🇦🇩🇪 (@missankeg) on

The Persian denim look

Is the model look to try when you’re longing for a little perisian adventure in your very own home town.

Happy Easter 🐣 #modeloffduty

A post shared by Anke Gäbler 🇿🇦🇩🇪 (@missankeg) on

Polka dots and more dots

For the cheerful days when nobody’s rules but your own apply.

Off to #afropunk 🎠

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Feature image: Instagram

After all, what would an entire decade of retro fashion throwbacks be if the brooks we all grew up in never returned?

Somehow, it comes as no surprise that fashion is now celebrating the very underwear so many of us, for far too long have been conditioned to hate and view as unattractive. I still remember feeling self-conscious about hand-standing in a dress that would flash my underwear in case the older girls in our neighbourhood thought my undies weren’t cute. I was seven years old.

Yet, from a comfort and health perspective full cotton, shape hugging panties have seldom let me down.

It’s hard, however to determine whether everything that comes with a full panty will be celebrated, like the VPL (visible panty line) but I guess, there’s no taking one without the other so perhaps it’s safe to say that visible panty lines are in too.

Recently, Calvin Klein shared on its Instagram profile the second part of the #MyCalvins campaign that showed snaps and videos of the Kardashian, Jenner sisters posing not in the butt cheek bearing undies that we’ve become so used to seeing them in but rather in full monogrammed Calvin Klein briefs.

Thankfully, this current tip in the underwear scales or the shift in perspective on what is considered fashionable or even ‘sexy’ doesn’t have to serve as a collective ‘one size fits all’ for every woman since we’re all here to wear whatever makes us feel good, be it thongs or neutral shades of full granny briefs.


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

When it comes to retro high waist panties in 2018, there is no hiding, as naked dresses and granny panties are an all time runway and street style hit.

Although denim culottes and dungarees are front runners in the department of denim at the moment, there’s no denying that denim dresses are seasonal essentials you won’t regret adding to your wardrobe this spring.

You can bet your money on a denim dress to act as the quintessential transitional piece for laid back days and even, royal affairs.

Not that you’d need much convincing to bag one or two for yourself this season but here are five  cool dresses and reasons why you should make the most of this trend.

The roomy pinafore dress



It’s the classic casual pick that promises the comfort of denim without a super tight fit. It’s also the denim dress that has enough room to show off your fave statement tee.

Denim Dress, R429, H&M
Pinafore dress, R179,99 MRP

The structured halter neck dress

August is the month that is known for excessively windy days and vicious dust storms. During days like these it helps to wear a semi rigid dress that won’t let you down when in wild winds.

Frayed halter denim dress, R499, Woolworths

The relaxed shirt dress

Adjustable and relaxed long sleeves on a shirt dress are an essential during transitional periods as they are ideal for unexpected temperature changes.

Woven long sleeve shirt dress, R499, Cotton On

The flawless fit denim bodycon

The biker bodycon dress is your best bet when you’re in the mood for a fit that accentuates all the best areas of your body. It’s the dream dress that offers the perfect fit with enough wiggle room to move through the day.

Fitted dark blue denim biker dress, R1599, Sissy Boy at Spree

The everyday dark denim dress

There’s barely any room for error where dark denim is involved. It’s the denim shade that perfectly compliments bright hues, light denim blues and almost every other shade there is to wear.

Black denim dress, R429, H&M



Clare Waight Keller, a British stylist, designer and a woman who currently holds the position of artistic director at Givenchy is certainly one of the most talked about women in fashion at the moment and it’s for all the right reasons. It goes without saying that when the list of women you’re designing outfits for includes Queen Bey, Riri and the Duchess of Sussex, you and the luxury brand you represent are a powerhouse.

So yes, if you’re looking to indulge in a premium brand this year, Givenchy is certainly the one- even if you’re a babe on the tightest budget, this is how you can it done.

Miniature bag and checkered coat

Make any occasion a royal affair with a replica of Meghan Markle’s mini sling bag teamed together with a checkered monochrome trench coat.

Get this look with a Missguided belted trench and top it off it a half moon crossbody from Woolies.


Missguided at Superbalist, R1199
Glam half moon crossbody bag, at Woolworths, R350

The Diva Bodysuit

Queen Bey knows that the only way to shutdown a good show and leave a lasting impression is in a killer bodysuit.

Recreate this diva look on your terms with a lace bell-sleeved top or high neck burgundy bodysuit, both from MRP.

Bell Sleeve Top, MRP, R99
Bodysuit, MRP, R89.99

The detailed shoulder dress

With over four and a half million likes for this dress alone on Riri’s Instagram account, there’s no arguing that this red carpet Givenchy number is a hit. Spoil yourself to an exquisite local version directly off Spree.

Shoulder Cascade Dress Black, Gert Johann Coetzee, R3299 at Spree

The sweet sweatshirt

You really don’t need to break a sweat or your bank balance to strike the perfect designer sweater look especially not when H&M has got it all in one dress. Nail this entire Givenchy look with a cinched waist and a pair of killer heels.

Sweatshirt Dress, H&M, R379