Clare Waight Keller, a British stylist, designer and a woman who currently holds the position of artistic director at Givenchy is certainly one of the most talked about women in fashion at the moment and it’s for all the right reasons. It goes without saying that when the list of women you’re designing outfits for includes Queen Bey, Riri and the Duchess of Sussex, you and the luxury brand you represent are a powerhouse.

So yes, if you’re looking to indulge in a premium brand this year, Givenchy is certainly the one- even if you’re a babe on the tightest budget, this is how you can it done.

Miniature bag and checkered coat

Make any occasion a royal affair with a replica of Meghan Markle’s mini sling bag teamed together with a checkered monochrome trench coat.

Get this look with a Missguided belted trench and top it off it a half moon crossbody from Woolies.


Missguided at Superbalist, R1199
Glam half moon crossbody bag, at Woolworths, R350

The Diva Bodysuit

Queen Bey knows that the only way to shutdown a good show and leave a lasting impression is in a killer bodysuit.

Recreate this diva look on your terms with a lace bell-sleeved top or high neck burgundy bodysuit, both from MRP.

Bell Sleeve Top, MRP, R99
Bodysuit, MRP, R89.99

The detailed shoulder dress

With over four and a half million likes for this dress alone on Riri’s Instagram account, there’s no arguing that this red carpet Givenchy number is a hit. Spoil yourself to an exquisite local version directly off Spree.

Shoulder Cascade Dress Black, Gert Johann Coetzee, R3299 at Spree

The sweet sweatshirt

You really don’t need to break a sweat or your bank balance to strike the perfect designer sweater look especially not when H&M has got it all in one dress. Nail this entire Givenchy look with a cinched waist and a pair of killer heels.

Sweatshirt Dress, H&M, R379


Instagram has given online shopping and window shopping a fresh new meaning. No longer do you have to leave your home or office, let alone log off the app to spoil yourself to the best things.

Trips to the mall have been replaced by DM’s Whatsapps, emails and virtual carts, while Instagram pages have become the modern catalogues.

So, whether you’re looking for everyday inspiration, a well deserved treat or an item or two to add to your wishlist, these 6 local pages are where you can use up all your double taps.

@FunkyFlorals and @ThatShoeLady

To all the shoe-a-holics, gather all your rands for all the boots and shoes your house can handle because once you follow these pages, you’ll want to fill your carts with all of them. For Funky Floral shoes, simply place your order via email, or whatsapp, and to shop from That Shoe Lady, visit the site or one of their three stores in Cape Town.

Funky Florals on Instagram


The next time you’re scrolling through your feed and you spot your favourite blogger wearing a killer pair of shades, remember the I am Trend account. It’s where all the trendiest eyewear is merely a direct message away. Alternatively, you can create your wishlist or shop directly from their site.


This account is a vintage lover’s dream and an Insta destination to turn to if you’re in search of sassy printed tees, retro jackets and mom jeans. If you happen to be around Cape Town or Stellenbosch, go visit their brick and mortar stores.


If you’re inspired by the beach, blooming flowers and boho maxi dresses then My Scattered Heart is a gift to you. Use the inspiration on their page to shop stunning bridal dresses, overalls and beachwear.


I am all for handmade, non cookie cutter underwear and intimates that are locally made. If you are too, double tap the follow button to stay updated on all things Luna.



Image Credit: Instagram

And so the tale of the ugly shoe trend continue. I recently came across this post on Instagram of faux painted toe nail slip-ons and like most people would, I chuckled, slightly rolling my eyes and continued scrolling, never ever expecting that these shoes would ever make it past this meme and hit the trend list. Well, I was very wrong.

The Lord has answered my prayers. ☺️…

A post shared by Nomzamo Mbatha 🇿🇦 (@nomzamo_m) on

Most of us can agree that we were blindsided by Christopher Kane’s high fashion croc revival and Balenciaga’s recent modification of the dreaded chef shoes. Personally, I’m still battling with mixed feelings about dad sneakers, but one thing I am slowly learning to accept is that, the future of fashion footwear is ugly.

A recent article on Vogue Runway, read that Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of Loewe’s took to Instagram to debut the toe shoes in the image below for the Loewe’s 2019 men’s resort collection.

Loewe Resort 2019

A post shared by Jonathan Anderson (@jonathan.anderson) on


A post shared by Jonathan Anderson (@jonathan.anderson) on

Back in 2011, despite harsh criticism, my sister bought the barefoot running shoes similar to the Vibram Five Fingers. I remember her bragging about how comfortable her toe shoes were and how I, her harshest critic was missing out.

Fast forward seven years later where my sister’s beloved shoes have the potential of becoming a fashion sensation and I’m thinking that maybe toe shoes aren’t so bad after all, and even the faux painted toe nail ones could save the day when my toes are going through the most.

I’m admit that I am now willing to give this trend a go, are you?


Whether you believe it or not, your star sign is responsible for the many choices you make on a daily basis. Some of your quirks and traits can be attributed to the star sign associated to the time of year you were born. Ever wondered why you’re compatible with some people and not others? Why certain styles get a resounding YES from you while others you avoid like a plague? And yes, there will always be other subtle and more evident influences for your love interests and style choices, but maybe it’s time to pay closer attention to what your zodiac says your style choices should be.

With help from  123newyear, check out the winter winners you should be buying based on your star.

Aries (March 21- April 19): It’s usually first place or nothing with Aries. They are the early adopters and what they are willing to try often sets them apart.

Style Republic, R549
Style Republic, R199

Taurus (April 20- May 20: In my experience, Taureans are the headstrong folk who will not, at any cost compromise on quality, ever! Call them the brand whores and addicts of simplicity.

Levis, R1499
Guess, R500

Gemini (May 21- June 20): Gemini’s love to experience the best of both worlds. ‘Who wants a wardrobe full of maxis when you can have minis too, they’d ask?’

C(inch), R369
Amanda Laird Cherry, R995

Cancer (June 20- July 22): Cancerians have multiple fashion moods per day. These are the  guys and girls who will never be caught in same outfit from day to night. They are not the one size-fits-allers, desk to dinner type of dressers. They are the ones you can count on to have a selection of outfit options stowed away in their boots.

Dolce Vita, R369
Aldo, R1250

Leo (July 23-August 22): Leo’s always know how to keep it moving, and ever so stylishly.

Puma, R1099
Converse, R449

Virgo (August 23-September 22): Virgos are very selective with what they deem acceptable. This is especially true when it comes to their style. They always know what they want, and the finer and more exclusive the fashion the better.

Gert-Johan Coetzee, R1999
Ruff Tung, R1199

Libra (September 23- October 22): Balance and harmony are the two words at the core of a Libras world. You may know a Libra to be super serious go-getter by day time who turns into an extreme wild card when the sun goes down yet somehow, you’ll never be left confused by their dual personalities as Libras always know how to strike the perfect balance.

Mango, R1199
C(inch), R499

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov 21): You may never live to tell the tale of how you crossed a scorpio. They’re fierce avengers, yet equally fierce in love and only something, hot, fiery and red would best suit a saucey scorpio.

Moda Scapa, R179
Pierre Cardin, R340

Sagittarius (Nov 22- Dec 21): Sagittariuses are the people you can count on for wild outdoor adventures. Come rain or shine, winter or summer, you’ll seldom find them cooped up under a blanket for too long. A Sag and nature…same Whatsapp group.

Vogue, R1590
Nike, R1299

Capricorn (Dec 22- Jan 19): Capricorns are known for their ambition. Their style is the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ kind. They are the serial power-suiters.

Style Republic, R499
Style Republic, R369

Aquarius (Jan 20- Feb 18): Aquarians are most often the influencers of their social circles. They are the trail-blazers, the Kim K’s that everyone around them aspires to be. Mainstream trends are written by them. They are the digital mavens of the world and their phones are where all their magic is captured and shared.

Joy Collectables, R75
Joy Collectables, R149

Pisces (Feb 19- March 20): The Pisceans are the creatives, the right-brained, the ones who are in their element when they are given the space to play with their clothes. They tend to wear their clothing in ways that many others don’t consider. Place a simple item such as trench in their possession and watch it shine.

Style Republic, R699
Style Republic, R499

Feature image: Instagram

Yes, this velvety ribbed textile is doing its rounds in fashion again, and this time for all the right reasons (thankfully).

I’ve personally never had a exciting relationship with corduroy, (my five year old self knows this very well). My 90’s yellow bell-bottom cords were my greatest nightmare and I never ever had a choice when it came to wearing them as my mother strongly believed in corduroy’s durability and was a advocate for its warmth.

However, a fast forward to 2018 and the thought of wearing corduroy head to toe is not such a scary one after all. Even though I never like to admit it, my mother has always been right. Right about corduroy’s toughness and even more accurate about its warmth.

A post shared by 🦋 (@bellahadid) on

Hopefully, these most up to the minute pieces will inspire you to consider making a corduroy addition to your looks this winter, that’s if corduroy’s hard-wearing qualities and snugness aren’t enough of a reason to do so.

Here’s some cords inspo for you!

Layering Made Easy

Layering is surprisingly simple and extremely flattering with cords in the mix. Throw a pinafore or dungarees atop a bottle neck and waste no further time on winter layering woes.

Glamourous at Superbalist, R349
Contempo at Spree, R360

Accessorising is all about texture

Faux fur, mohair and tweed are among some of the most noticeable textures right now, but it’s the cords that are really worth paying attention to especially on the trendiest accessories.

Cotton On, R179

Colour and more colour

It’s safe to say that one can get away with all the brightest colours when it comes to wearing corduroy. The rule is simply to do how you like.

Thebe Magugu at Spree, R1399
Thebe Magugu at Spree, R2499


Cover Image: Spree on Instagram

The ever declining temps may sway you towards dark and rich colours of Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate and tomato broth, but since softer, prettier palettes are the talk of the season, perhaps a blissful reminder of ice cream and candy floss will make it a little easier to welcome the winter.

So, from Instagram to you, here’s how SA women are working pastel shades right now.

Bubble gum pink: Pink in all its glory (sweet and millennial) is here to stay! When the occasion calls for a monochrome look, pastel pink is your friend. Keeping it solid in a single pastel is fail safe way to make a statement and remember there’s never been such thing as a pastel overload!

Rose Mahogany – our favourite winter pink

A post shared by Superga South Africa (@superga_sa) on

Lilac: With its darker sister (Ultra Violet) crowned as the darling of colour for 2018, it’s no wonder this pastel babe is making waves right now. So, if you’re going to be dabbling in pastels this seasons, make this one your shade of choice. To ensure that it gets all the right attention, power it up with a metallic- sliver being your best bet!

….playing dress up. 👑 Styled by @kgosilesego

A post shared by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m) on

Baby blue: Of all the pastel shades, this one wins as the classic. Contrary to its name, it works, too as a grown up colour, simply by coordinating it with darker shades of blue. For a more playful approach,however, throw it in the mix with pastel pink as this duo of sweet hues will forever go together like cake and sugar.

💎💎💎 #whattwiggywore #ootd #pumaxfenty

A post shared by Tshepang Mollison (@twiggymoli) on

Yellow: A whole luminous yellow tracksuit or just a top is quite something to pull off, moreover if canary yellow is not really your thing. Luckily a touch of white or cream provides just the right the balance for almost anyone to enjoy. Neutrals are fantastic addition when two or more pastel partners are at play.

This is a call to all the avid Kappa female followers to unite in celebration, as Kappa woman, South Africa finally launches on Spree. Ditch the Monday blues and gear up to celebrate as the collection lands just in time for winter and you’re absolutely in luck if you’re looking for the most up to the minute pieces to add to your winter wardrobe.

If you love the Omni logo and a good set of killer street style apparel- you’ll be spoilt for choice, that’s one thing for sure! From some of the latest items from Kappa’s Banda collection to the season’s must have and very Insta worthy track pants, there’s something in the store that every athleisure lover will enjoy.

From a wide selection of over 30 Kappa items, here are 5 of the best that are not only worth your rand but your style cred too. So, don’t delay or you may just miss out on being one of the first to bag the most coveted pieces- you surely wouldn’t want that!

Ready, Set, SHOP!

The All White Suit: Suit-up in sportswears powersuit of the moment. The all white suit with the monochromatic monogram is having a major moment right now. So, when the time and occasion calls for you to ditch your corporate boss babe suit, simply slip into  street style’s hottest version.

Feminine fashion this Friday.

A post shared by Kappa South Africa (@kappa_southafrica) on


Hooded Sweater, R999
Track pants, R699   

Red, Flared and Monochrome Track Pants

Buttoned up or flared out? You choose. Switch things up in a matter of moments with the help of adjustable side buttons. Team your trousers with any killer platform heels and issa lewk.

To further ensure that your track pant game is ever on point, make sure to add the colour red to your collection, and then again, there’s no way of ever getting it wrong in classic black trousers.

Sassy in Banda snap pants @isabella_paulina

A post shared by Kappa South Africa (@kappa_southafrica) on


Buttoned Pants, R699
Track Pants, R599
Track Pants, R699

The Retro Tee

If you have something to say, or the love of a brand to express, it’s best done on your chest. Embrace the simplicity of the basics in a traditional monogram tee or cosy up this winter in a sweatshirt with modern trims. For a chic finish, team your heritage top with your favourite denims or Kappa bottoms.

Sassy retro vibes in the Kappa Authentic tee

A post shared by Kappa South Africa (@kappa_southafrica) on

Twinning is winning in Kappa! @ziggy_chow #kappa #sport #goals #fashion #streetstyle

A post shared by Kappa South Africa (@kappa_southafrica) on

T-shirt, R229
Sweatshirt, R699

The Golden Effect

What possesses a touch of gold and doesn’t leave a lasting impression? Absolutely nothing! Indulge your inner goddess with stylish sweat tops, tees and trousers with Kappa’s regal golden effect.

Dissonance @kappa_southafrica and #silk #mondays #coffeedates 📷 @dannibowler

A post shared by Yasmin Furmie (@yasminfurmie) on

Sweat Top, R699
Long Sleeve Top, R699

Power to Pink

Pink in all its glory (hot and millennial) is here to stay and definitely slay, so why not power your winter street style with cotton candy pink? The latest pastel pink hooded sweater, matching tights and peach Onmi printed sleeved zip up jackets are a mere click and ‘add to cart’ away. Get ‘em all before they’re gone!

Pinky hoodie, be the perfect #Kappasionate @kappa_official ya en @dewe_oficial

A post shared by DeWe (@dewe_oficial) on

Hooded Sweater, R799
Zip Jacket, R1199


Feature image: MRP, Superbalist, Zando, H&M

It’s around this time of the year when the clothes currently occupying my cupboard space cease to do the most at adequately covering me up, so it’s precisely at this time of the year where I perform my annual ritual of rearranging my space, by bringing forward the items that will see me through to the back side of winter and the time where those that don’t are stowed away. It’s in these moments where I’m always struck by the jumble that has gradually accumulated over the months and even years, that most of the time, I’m reluctant to part with because my mind has somehow convinced me that fashion is cyclical, and one day (whenever that is) I’ll wear this or that again and in that moment I’ll express eternal gratitude to the universe that for keeping it’. I know…so lame.

However, when I do convince myself to declutter by purging my wardrobe, cleansing it of all the items that I no longer need, like or even fit, it always makes room for clarity of purpose and creativity. The truth is, it’s easy to lose track of what you have and how to use it when you’re inundated, which is why focusing on creating a wardrobe that is built on versatile items, in other words a capsule is to me the most appropriate response to a simpler fashion experience.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never counted the items currently in my wardrobe, however, the fashion experts at Who What Wear do recommend narrowing down one’s clothing collection to a size of 30-37 items of versatile essentials. These ‘essentials’ often range from blazers, tees and jeans and are generally in neutral palettes ranging from creams and all the way to charcoal and black.

When practicality is the name of your game, you may be delighted by this prospect, however even if you’re more inclined to be eclectic, the best and fail safe way to make a capsule wardrobe work for you, is to keep it 100, always! Remaining true to your style, tastes and personality is key to achieving the best results.

The idea behind keeping your capsule in the range of 30-37 pieces is really there to keep one focused on premium quality as you want to bank on the fact that in five years’ time, you’ll still be rocking those investment pieces in the same condition you bought them in. This doesn’t  mean  donning Prada or Burberry from head to toe on the daily, it’s simply means accepting a little stretch in budget for the sake of quality.

So, if you’ve reached a point where you’re totally in favour of a capsule from now until forever, the following five items are a good place to begin. You can treat this as your starter kit for winter through to summer and January to December.

The Classic Shirt

It needn’t be shaded light or white but crisp and buttoned down will always do. A collared shirt is the perfect addition to nailing the boss babe lewk and good too with your favourite jeans and sneaks. Either way, a superior range of shirts will always go the distance for you.






Only at Superbalist, R449 


G Couture at Zando, R619


Dark Trousers

Whether they’re straight, skinny or flared, always ensure that you go for the trousers that do the most for your confidence and body shape. And since leggings are not about to be written off the trend charts, every lady can do well with a solid pair.


H&M, R329
H&M, R529

Knits and Coats

Knits and coats are always front runners when gloomy temp digits set in. Countering the gloom with colour is a sure way to boost your vibe. So, whether you’re all in on pink, khaki or red, make sure you never leave your favourite colours out of wardrobe, yes even if it’s a capsule.

MRP, R179 
MRP, R219
Revenge at Zando, R699


Vero Moda at Superbalist, R1049


Treat your feet with the utmost kindness by investing in footwear that not only is practical on your budget, but loving on your feet. A midi heel is an ideal pick for when you’re in need of an extra lift.




MRP, R249



Sol Sana at Superbalist, R2499   

The precise release date of this Destiny’s Child cover was October 30, 2001- that’s just three years shy of a full two decades. Feeling old much? Many of us can agree that the noughties was a decade responsible for some of the most interesting fashion trends, some that were only good for those new millenium days and others that we’re glad to see the return of.

Coachella is now a distant memory, specifically for those of us who only witnessed snippets of it from our phones. However, the two week US fest can safely be considered a non-official trend guide for the remainder of 2018 and the seasons to follow.

Of all the things that fought for my attention (while I wallowed in FOMO), it was chiefly athletic eyewear that did the most to capture it and according to Michelle Williams (extreme right in the image above) and Coachella street stylers, sporting ski goggles off the slopes back in 2001 and now in 2018 is quite a thing.

It’s the multi-coloured and oversized type that seemed to receive the most attention on the Gram, but even the clear protective gear kind are having their moment too.

Then, of course there’s mama Kim Kardashian, and if and when she’s into something, it’s only a matter of time before a large portion of her 100 million plus followers follow suit.

Although Fenty x Puma appears to have ditched the slopes and opted for dunes, athletic eyewear was never left out of the package. So, if you’re looking to make your mark this year on the fashion front that is- turn to protective eyewear for indoor and outdoor activities for the best results.


Morning 🌞

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W I L D T H A N G. 🌈💕⚡️ #coachella

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Coachillin' in Chanel. photo: @alealimay #regram

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Babes wodumo 😊❤️

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