It goes without saying that denim is the staple of 90% of wardrobes. It’s the durable go-to that never fails and this season these 4 denim styles are taking centre stage.

High Waist and Cropped


Jungle Inspired

Distressed Denim


As well as being a beauty editor, Martinique is also the founder of Make-up By MES, a makeup artistry business.

Here’s a little more about this Jo’burg based beauty guru.

Martinique Stevens on Instagram

How old are you?

“I am twenty five years old”

Where do you work?

“I am currently the Beauty Editor of Woman&Home magazine South Africa.

What are the 3 highlights of your job?

  • “Firstly, I have been blessed with one of the most incredible Editorial Directors. Frith Thomas is the definition of a ‘power woman’, and she is 100% my role model. She facilitates a fantastic and extremely hard working editorial team and somehow always manages to get the best out of her writers with each and every print edition.
  • Secondly, Caxton House has a very tight knit working culture, and everyone in the building is easy to get along with. This is a huge bonus when it comes to mustering up the energy to go to work everyday.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly- the biggest highlight of my job is walking up and getting to do what I love. I am a creative and every week I get to create incredible, inspiring content that speaks to real women. I am quite frankly obsessed with all things make-up, fragrance and skincare, and being a beauty editor allows me to learn more about each of these topics daily.”
Martinique Stevens on Instagram

What is the biggest lesson you learned in school/tertiary?

“A big lesson from varsity was to get my work done without procrastinating about it first- this is something I struggle with greatly, still.”

What’s the one thing you wish school and tertiary would have better prepared you for, for the working world?

“I wish that varsities made it imperative that students work while they study. The more experience you have on your CV, the better!”

Where did you go to school and what did you study?

“I went to LISOF, and I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion.”

What did you major in at school and how do you all your majors play into your current job today?

“I majored in business, marketing and trend analysis.

These actually helped me hugely when it comes to my current job. It’s easy as a beauty editor to get caught up in only the editorial side of things, but my majors allowed me to think more commercially when it comes to aligning with brands and which brands I place in the magazine, so as to foster a more mutually-beneficial relationship.”

What does a typical week in the life of a Beauty Ed look like?

“A typical week for me is chaotic in the best way possible. I have to juggle attending numerous product launches, with getting my print and digital work out on time. I have to juggle a lot of deadlines, from a lot of people, so even though my working hours are 9am to 5pm, this is a rarity in reality. If it means I have to get in to work early, and leave late to get my work done, then that is what I will do, and do weekly. I also have to plan beauty shoots, should I have one to do, so my time is very limited.”

What are biggest autumn/winter ‘19 beauty trends (skin and hair) we can look forward to?

“Beauty and fashion usually work in tandem, or in polar-opposite directions. But A/W 2019, is seeing both the beauty and fashion worlds relish in re-living the 90’s. Smooth, matte skin in new comfy formulas that last all day but don’t feel cakey, plus dark chocolate lips are what’s hot. For hair, I am living for using my hair pins for more of a decorative statement, verses for practicality.”

Do you have a skin routine? If so, what is it? Do you recommend that everyone adopts one?

“Everyone’s skin as unique to them as their fingerprints are, so it’s difficult to put a routine out that everyone should follow. I’m all about encouraging a skin care routine that works best for your skin type, but for this it’s important to first establish what skin type you are.

Are you dry or oily? Does a certain product make your skin break out? Pin-point what works for you and then implement it- trendy or not.

I’m really big on non-mechanical exfoliation right now in the form of a skin type dependent acid peel. Acids sound scary, but they work to refine skin texture problems, and seriously plump and smooth, plus are great at slowly getting stubborn pigmentation to disappear.”

What’s your best skin care product right now?

“’s Flash Boost serum. It’s got 10% vitamin C in, and has been doing wonders at reducing my pigmentation marks from old acne.”

What is the best way to pick a foundation shade?

“Make sure you are in good lighting, and swatch the shade on your cheek where you will be wearing it, and not on your hand or neck.

Definitely try before you buy, so ask the sales assistant if they have a tester in the shade you’ve swatched. Do a wear test out of the store so you can see if the shade oxidises (gets darker) on your skin after a couple hours.

Don’t be in a rush, and know your skin type.”

How can I get rid of whiteheads on my nose on a budget?

“Try a skincare product with salicylic or glycolic acid in it. L’Oreal makes these tubs of glycolic acid ‘peel pads’ that you can buy from Clicks and Dischem.”

If you were not a beauty editor, what would you be doing?

“Trend analysis and forecasting for a beauty or fashion company / brand or working in Research and Innovation for a beauty brand.”

Where can people connect with you?

“martinique_01 on Instagram!”

Martinique Stevens on Instagram

Although my mother has been an advocate for this method of shopping for many years, I had never really considered lay-by shopping until recently. Over this past weekend I came across a jet black faux fur coat which I knew upon seeing that I NEEDED to own. I unfortunately didn’t have the cash to purchase the coat on the day and experience has taught me never to ‘wait until next week’ to get whatever item, in that particular store because nine times out of ten the following week or even day is always too late.

I generally prefer to use cash when buying small items like shoes and clothing and hardly ever use credit. However, as I was leaving the store I discovered the option of laybying.

All I needed to start the process at the store was my ID, some personal details as well as a 30% deposit to secure the item.

So what is laybying and is a better option than credit?

According to an article published on News24, a lay-by agreement is defined as a way of paying for goods over an agreed period of time, whereby the service provider holds the goods until the consumer has paid their full price.To lay-by goods, the consumer pays a small deposit, and subsequently makes regular repayments until the total price is paid.

With lay-by agreements robust credit checks aren’t a part of the deal and when and if you can no longer afford the installments or decide to change your mind, you as the consumer have the right to claim a portion of your money back from the retailer, provided that it’s within the agreed period. Another advantage to this purchasing method is that there are no interest charges.

Know your rights as a consumer

The first step before signing an agreement with any retailer is always ensuring your understanding of what is expected of you as a consumer and knowing what your rights are. In this case as a consumer, these are some the rights the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) supports.

  • The right to a formal agreement which states the amount due as well as the weekly or monthly payment dates.
  • If the retailer charges any penalties for cancellations you are entitled to knowing that they are there and how much they are.
  • You have the right to return defective items.
  • You should never be charged a storage fee for the items that remain in the store.

Although the instant gratification that comes with taking home a new pair of shoes or coat in my case is a delayed, laybying is to me a better purchasing option over credit when you do not have the cash to buy whatever it is you want on a specific day.



Feature image source: Buzzfeed

The days are gradually getting shorter and that sadly marks the beginning of the end of summer.  It’s now time to fully embrace a new season with some of the best transitional pieces for in-between weather.


Layer under and over yours


Keep the chill under control- no sweat

Satin Scarf

Turn heads with the best combos


Jackets and Coats

Layer up with printed cover ups


White Sneakers

Footwork for every season

Feature Image: Anke Gabler

Meet the German South African beauty whose crowned with a golden afro and armed with killer fashion instincts- Anke Gabler, who’s also recognised under the alias of @missankeg on the Instagram. This proud Jozi girl is no stranger to our television screens, large scale runways and local magazine covers and amongst an entire list of fabulous things.

We spent some time ‘chatting’ many weeks ago as best as we possibly could in the midst of tight schedules and life’s other pressing demands. Through all the chaos however, one thing that  remains absolutely indisputable about the kind-hearted Anke, it’s that the world of fashion and Anke Gabler go together as well as sugar does with cake.

Now, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the gorgeous cover girl who’s always on your tv screens, we’ve got you and ten insights that reveal so much more than her mysterious green eyes.

How old are you?

“I am 25”

Source: Anke Gabler

Which city were you born in and where do you currently live?

“I was born and raised in Johannesburg and still live here- it’s home.”

What is your history in fashion?

“I am a creative, and I’ve always expressed myself through fashion. I got a BA degree in the science of fashion after high school, and it gave me the knowledge and tools to analyse fashion trends and create my own garments.”

As a fashion model, what are your go to looks for castings and shoot days?

“I have two different looks for a castings and shooting. For a casting I usually dress in a simple black outfit built from a pair of black skinny jeans and a plain figure hugging t-shirt. However, on shoot days, I prefer to dress in my gym clothes because they are comfortable but most importantly they are easier to get in and out of in between look changes and when there are lunch breaks.”

Source: Anke Gabler

What’s your favourite throwback trend?

“I love how corduroy is creeping back, although I’ll admit I hated it as a child.”

Do you have a favourite accessory at the moment and if so what is it?

“I’ve never been a huge fan of accessories. But my favourite accessory and often a very underrated accessory is a belt. There are so many more options for belts other than the simple thin brown/black belt. Also it can do wonders for any woman’s waist.”

What is your favourite colour to wear now and every season?

“I love grey. It’s not too dark but has a very clean look to it.”

As a well travelled fashion girl, which country or city are you most inspired by?

“I love the romance of Italy and how it’s translated into their fashion.”

Jumpsuits, dresses or both?

“I’ll pick a dress, just because as a woman we all know the struggle of a jumpsuit when we go to the bathroom.”

Source: Anke Gabler

What is your most memorable fashion moment?

“It’s not a personal one, but a memorable moment in fashion is when Rihanna arrived at the CFDA awards covered in 230 000 Swarovski crystals, oh and a thong.”



Feature image: Normans Musical Instruments

It’s been 10 weeks since I took the necessary steps to living a more active life. In the months leading up to this decision, my eating habits were terrible, my physical movement was quite close to zero and as a result I lived in a state of semi permanent exhaustion.

Although I am naturally lean, I felt heavy and started noticing how I would hug my stomach while standing or driving in an unconscious effort to hide it. Weird hey? But that’s when I realised that something in my life had to change

Now 10 weeks in, I work out regularly (although I haven’t caught up in the diet department yet) and everything about my body has improved. My muscles are stronger, my skin is better and I’m better at understanding it. I have a ton of energy and the regular constipation which I suffered from is now a thing of the past.

Since exercise has become a big part of my lifestyle, workout clothing has become equally important to me. At first, being new to the game meant that I could go in almost anything, as long as it was decent, however after some time I realised that it was better for me and the people around me to not have to witness my falling leggings.

With all of that, here are the top 7 items on workout wishlist right now.


Supportive bras

During an intense cardio session, your breasts can bounce around 100 times a minute. Needless to say, supporting your girls should be high on your list of priorities.

Sports Bra, Body at Cotton On, R229

Highwaist lightweight tights

At least when it comes to highwaist bottoms you never really have to worry about flashing.

Studio tight, Body at Cotton On, R399

Fleece top

Morning temperatures have dropped and a cute fleece top is a great way to look chic while covered up.

Fleece top, Cotton On Body, R349

Sports Gloves

Gym gloves offer the perfect protection from blisters that can be caused by lifting weights.

Leather gloves, MRP Sport, R99

Arm Pouch

I don’t know about you but I’ve lost count to the number of times I’ve forgotten my phone on the treadmill. With an arm pouch, you can almost always guarantee its safety.

Arm pouch, MRP Sport, R169

Workout Mat

Great for yoga.

Yoga mat, MRP Sport, R259

Wireless Headphones

Your playlist is as important to your workout life as any of your accessories, so listen to your favourite beats without the hassel of ear phone wires getting in the way.

Wireless headphone, Typo at Superbalist, R699









Feature image: @allthingsnicolen on Instagram

This week, my #WCW shoutout is dedicated to an insanely talented, 24 year old Jo’burg based interior designer and founder of the blog, All Things Nicole N.

During a catch up session, I asked her to share 14 things about her life, career, fashion and some of her favourite things.

Source: @allthingsnicolen on Instagram

Where did you go to school (high school and tertiary) and what did you major in?

“I went to Hyde Park High. I studied at the Design School of Southern Africa, in Johannesburg.

I have a BA in Interior design from Vega School as well as an Art & Design certificate.”

When did you discover your love for art?

“I discovered my passion for drawing at a young age. I was more into fashion design though until my late teens when I discovered my love for interior. The love for design is something which I inherited from my mother who is also a creative. She studied graphic design and now works as a corporate fashion designer.”

A typical day as an interior designer looks like?

“First, a daily dose of morning matcha latte followed by a dash to the office to check emails and write up a to-do list for myself. My team normally holds a weekly meeting to update all members on each project’s status, after which I sit down and begin my design process.

I bounce between multiple projects doing 3D modelling, putting materials together, or sending drawings out to special fabricators.”

Three things you love and cannot live or work without?

“My laptop, journal & phone in that order. I sound like a workaholic but I love what I do and would not change anything. I eat and breath design.”

Which workspaces around the city inspire you the most?

“Mesh is an amazing workspace and I of course cannot get enough of its design. I also love Bloom, a coffee shop and workspace based in Parkhurst. I love working in creative environments, they fuel me to work harder.”

Do you have a favourite interior trend right now and if so what is it?

“My fave trend at the moment is greenery, reflecting the green abundance.”

What are 4  interior trends we can expect to see in 2019?

“Terrazzo flooring, greenery, key decorative items and slatting.”

As a creative, what is your biggest fear and how do you overcome it?

“Two fears. Firstly, running out of ideas and always having to keep up with trends. I overcome these fears by listening and subscribing to design and architecture podcasts and really taking each day as it comes.”

What are some of the biggest challenges that you as a South African creative face?

“The competition- there’ll always be competition.”

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

“Hmmm, I would say to my 18 year old self that everything happens for a reason and life is a journey. You will make mistakes, which you will usually learn from. After a fall, dust yourself off and stand strong to defeat any challenges that come your way.”

Who inspires you to keep pushing?

“I have several role models. Most of them are entrepreneurial women who are self-made and able to have a healthy family life. Of course, I deeply admire my parents, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. Design-wise, I really admire the work of Dara Huang and Zaha Hadid.”

Since your first love is fashion, tell us where you shop?

“My favourite places to shop are Cotton On, Designer Warehouse, Style Alert (they are on Instagram) and for interior stuff I would say every shop in Kramerville.”

Where are your favourite vacation destinations?

“Bali and Australia. These are the only places which I’ve travelled to and both countries have their own unique architecture and style. I would love to go to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia Cathedral as well as the Hagia Sophia Cathedral which is based in Istanbul.”

Lastly, where on the entire world wide web can people find you?

“People can find me on Insta @Allthingsnicolen and my blog All things Nicole N.”


Feature image: Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

This week my #WCW goes out to an incredibly smart young woman who completely shatters the idea that women in fashion are well-dress she-devils. She’s a fashion buyer in training at the Edcon Retail Academy, a yoga teacher and very dear friend of mine.

Here’s a little bit more about this week’s fashion guru.

Source: @zaakiyahbhikha on Instagram

Where did your fashion career officially begin?


“It began in 2014 at LISOF where I majored in Buying and Merchandising, Merchandise Mathematics, Marketing and Trend Analysis. I then completed my honours in Sustainable Design at the University of Johannesburg in 2017. I am currently completing my masters in the digital sphere.”

Do you have a favourite trend right now and if so what is it?


“I don’t really have a favourite trend at the moment. I never really follow trends unless I believe in them. I believe that we shouldn’t merely buy into the things that we see because all we’re doing is perpetuating a culture of consumerism and instant gratification. When I do however choose to support a trend, it has to be in line with my values and who I am as individual.”


What do you love the most about working in the fashion industry?


“I love the constant change and its fast paced nature; there’s never a routine. I enjoy learning about consumer behaviour and how it affects trends, range building and fashion forecasts.”


Describe your ideal job


“When I started studying, the end goal was always buying but now, I envision a title cross in digital marketing and buying. I also love helping people and growing with them, so my dream job definitely needs to be combination of something that I love and a hobby that I enjoy.”

Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

When you are confronted with the choice between leopard print and snakeskin, which print wins?



“Leopard is timeless but this season snake is a massive trend across apparel and footwear and I love it.”


Since Jo’burg is your home, where are your favourite places to hang out?


“Anywhere with good design, ambience and delicious dessert. I went vegan last year so that’s got me exploring more food options. I am sometimes called the human Zomato so from me to you, here are some stand out spots around this city;

Vegan Connection Market

Fussy Vegan

Iris Garden in Rivonia

Coalition for the best margarita pizza

Keyes Art Mile for the art and food.

How did your fitness journey lead you to teaching yoga?



“My mom introduced me to yoga when I was twelve. When I decided to take my fitness seriously, yoga was a tool that helped me connect my mind and body. The practise has allowed me to look into myself, love and appreciate my life. Yoga has been a huge support and motivator for me.’’

Source: @zaakiyahbhika on Instagram

Where did you complete your teacher training?


“I completed my 200 yoga teacher training hours with Tegan Burger at Tegan B Yoga. It was important to find and work with somebody that I could relate to.”

Where and when can people join your classes?



Vibrant Vinyasa on Sunday at 8:00

Alternating Thursday at Prima Fitness

People can also follow me on Instagram @zaakiyahbhika


Hair Clips

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10/10 copy pasting @fannyekstrand

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Scrunchies and Head Scarves

Shells, beads and mega perspex 

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Feature image: Pantone on Instagram

It’s from the sweet calming tones that lie beneath the surface of the sea where Pantone, the Colour Institute draws its inspiration for 2019. This year the colour that is forecasted to dominate both design and fashion spaces is known as Pantone 16-1546, Living Coral.

This shade of peachy pink which offers a lighter feeling than last year’s Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet is a flirty pink that almost anyone can embrace.

And since, we’ll be seeing more of this colour throughout 2019, here are some ways to make it work perfectly for you.

Florals and easy flow: You may find yourself ahead of the curve if you’re heavily into combos of peachy pink and florals and if you’re keen on going deeper, explore ruffles and soft satin pieces this season.

In the mix with metallics and deets: It’s easy to love a colour that partners well with others especially striking metallics and earthy tones. Add gold, silver and bronze to your coral ensembles.

Tonal: Keep it solid in monochrome or get creative with your layering by adding darker shades of pink or peach to your look because it only gets better with more colour.


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