We all have garments in our cupboards that we no longer wear for various reasons, either because you’ve lost your love for them, or you’ve gained a few centimetres here and there and have made numerous vows to yourself that you would lose the weight and fit into your beloved jeans again, but never did… And let’s not mention your sizeable collection of silly little garments that friends and family have given to you as gift that you’ve never really had the guts to give away or throw out. So what do you do with these item?

As thrilling and intoxicating as the fast fashion market can be with it’s generous offerings of opportunities to reinvent oneself every season, it’s important to bear in mind that there is a darker side to the clothing industry that we as fashionista’s simply cannot continue to ignore.  Collectively the global fashion industry contributes three trillion dollars to the world’s GDP and according to Fashion United an estimated 57.8 million jobs in 2014 were provided by the fashion industry worldwide.

However, the clothing industry is the second largest polluting industry of water, second to the oil, and accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and not to mention the nasty health effects it has on millions of people working to create the clothes we cannot live without.

You can think, ‘oh well that’s nice but what can I possibly do to reduce the waste? Stop buying clothes?’  No Ma’am… I’m all for bargain deals, and I’m not about to put an end to finding cheap fashion but we can all afford to take the first step by supporting initiatives such as the H&M Bring It On campaign which collects clothing in all it’s forms, torn or never worn and uses them either to re clothe those in desperate need across the world or repurposes old garments to use as stuffing for seating in the motor car industry for example. All you need to do is drop off your old clothing at any of the H&M stores. Click on the following link for more details,

Bring It On


Reducing the waste doesn’t have to be a doom and gloom experience in fact it can be very rewarding. Instead of throwing your clothes away you can participate in fashion exchanges like the Skip Fashion Exchange taking place in Sandton City for the month of July where the idea is for you to swap your previously loved clothing with someone else’s. (One woman’s trash is another one’s treasure). There are countless ways to ‘close the loop’ and participating to make the fashion industry better and OUR environment too.

Fashion Exchange


A must see documentary which sheds light on the ugly truths of the clothing industry is True Cost.

A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow- Richard Bach, One

The best fashion items are always versatile; good for the office, a hot night out with the girls and even a date with your Tinder hook-up. On the evenings where you’re rushing out of the office with no chance to head home to change; these following items strike a great balance between formal and modish.



Rango Mule, Superbalist, R1599

These lace- up mules are a perfect fit for any office look and are great for comfort for a long evening out.



Lace-up Sandal, H&M, R629


Don’t mind an extra lift, and can confidently handle your heels all day and night, then these lace-up sandals are a definite!

Black, Suede and Lace up, need we say more? These babies tick all our style and trend boxes.




Faux leather skirt, H&M, R329


Faux leather always works for a tasteful but edgy look for an office environment. Bare in mind that the length makes all the difference… Keep it classy!


Frill trousers, Style Republic at Spree, R349

Neutral does it at the office but there is no rule against some after hour fun with colour!



Dress, Style Republic at Spree, R429

Kick convention to the curb in this burgundy babe from Style Republic at Spree. I’m swooning over this dress!



Faux fur coat, Pintrest

Yes, it is indeed safe to wear animal printed faux fur to the office, and even better for a chic evening look.


Or wear one in a dark hue for a sophisticated finish.


Faux fur coat, Who What Wear


Military jacket, NextZA, R716


A double-breasted military inspired jacket, is one for keeps for almost every occasion.


Bodysuit, Mr Price, R99

It’s all in the texture. This V-neck bodysuit in velour, a great pick for a 9-5 at the office and for a sexy date in the evening.


Leather bag, FSP Collection at Superbalist, R999

A perfect bag fits all your daily essentials but is not too bulky and light to carry for a fun night out.

The shoes that surgeons and chefs quickly adopted due to their comfort and durability while we fashionista’s turned up our noses to snub, are now doing their rounds on high fashion runways and no doubt will soon be seen in fast fashion stores, (if they haven’t made their way there already). You’ve probably guessed it-CROCS are in fashion! Who woulda thunk it?


If you’re serious about fashion, the word “NEVER” should not exist in your vocabulary because the the items you swear to ‘NEVER’ be seen in are the ones you’ll most likely be wearing in five to ten years; that’s just how it goes. What is UGLY today will not stay UGLY forever.


Harpers Bazzar on Pintrest


These stone-encrusted babies that were spotted at the Chrisopher Kane S/S17 show. How long do you think it will take to spot them on the streets?


Vogue on Pintrest


Whatever look you’re going for, CROCS are reasonably easy to style and will go with almost anything from a jeans and basic tee ensemble to and almost everything in between. You can even play around by matching  your accessories to create a chic finish. So give them a chance, you’ll be surprised at how good you could look. Still not sure how to pull of the look? Visit Pintrest for loads of inspiration.




Shop these on the christopherkane.com site, for a luxurious £275.00 but if you’re simply not convinced by the price or the encrusted stones, easily purchase a pair of plain crocs from a local store and personalise them with colours and trinkets of your choice. There’s some serious fun to be had with these “FUGLY” shoes.


Are you sold on this CROCS idea yet?

Finding a well-fitting pair of boots can prove to be quite a challenge for most of us- for those who don’t suffer from skinny or big calf-syndrome- count yourselves very fortunate. But whatever your struggle, there is ALWAYS something for everyone, and finding what works for YOU is always key, whether you’re a trendy or practical gal.

I spent some time in stores picking out some of my favourite pairs of boots, from Victorian style to metallic, combats and so much more.

Thigh-High Suede: Woolworths




Cowboy Ankle Boot: Woolworths





Gold Metallic Ankle Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)





Zip-Up Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)





Pointed Suede Ankle Boot: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)






Combat Boot: H&M







Lace-Up: H&M

(Source: Pintrest)




Cut-Out Boot: Steve Madden




Lace-Up Boot: Steve Madden


Happy shopping!

Never before has it been sexier to be completely smitten with your curves, nor easier to dress them. When it comes to beauty, fashion and self-love, in 2017, INCLUSIVITY is the word that comes to mind. More and more brands are awakening to the beauty of the plus-size market and celebrating it, as they should. No matter what your size is or how and where your curves are, you can look and feel extraordinary even if your budget is anything but plus-size.

Understanding your body shape is the first step in the knowledge of dressing it which is empowering for any woman. With that you can wear dress in clothes that fit you well, and feel confident.

If you’re wondering where to find the best fashion for your shape; look no further than this list of brilliant local and international brands, most of which have been founded by South African women who desire to empower others in their womanhood as they know and understand what it’s like to find the perfect fitting clothes that say “come hither” (in the most elegant manner, of course).



 Visit either the Sandton or Menlyn stores to shop for stunning fashion, and find helpful sizing guides on www.citychic.co.za to ensure that you’re completely in the know.



For best up-to-the-minute, plus-size fashion at relatively affordable rates, and with several stores located across the nation, looking great has never been simpler.



The perfect boutique store situated in Hyde Park, Johannesburg to get your bust measured and find the best bra and underwear for your shape. Visit www.braguru.co.za for further information.



You’ll do a happy dance at her collection of excellently crafted and affordable LOCAL fashion. Shop your look at www.isabeldevilliers.co.za



Not only is her story bomb but so is her collection. View it at www.indecisivec.myshopify.com/collections/



Nike: If you love to work-out, or just a sports-lux kinda gal, you’re sure to find some of the best and comfortable pieces from the Nike plus-size range.


Source: Instagram, Daniel Vanier


Find your style and confidence today!



I’m an addict- guilty and slowly recovering from a fixation with black, and I know that I am not alone.  It’s interesting that most of us gravitate towards darker colours when the weather is cooler- how I know? A look into my family’s laundry basket made me understand.

Most of us don’t appreciate the effects that colours have on us; on how others perceive us and to some extent on our moods.

Due to social and cultural programming most people have strong associations to colour, for example, people generally wear black to a funeral as the colour black and death have been married together for generations. Others are resistant to wearing certain colours for they don’t want to be viewed in a particular manner. However, with an open mind and spirt of adventure one can learn to love and embrace all colour, because all colour deserves to be celebrated!

The Pantone chart displays an array of colours for Autumn/Winter 2016/7 ranging from rich earth tones such as olive green and amber to electric cobalt blue and not forgetting tenacious pops of pink- the most ideal colours to make your wardrobe the happiest place.



From brogues to bags, bombers and everything in-between metallic hues will leave you looking up-to-the-minute and oh, so youthful.


British Vogue: Pintrest


Khaki/Olive green is one of the easiest colours to find this season in almost everything that you could possibly imagine.

Shop Style: Pintrest


Pink- Whether you call it Bubble Gum Pink or Bodacius [Fashioners; 2016] join luxury brands such as Chanel and Gucci on the Pink trend and feel elegant this season.


Gucci: Pintrest


Pantone’s Lemon Curry (Pantone 15-0751) otherwise referred to as spicy mustard- is a knockout against any boring and predictable winter colours.


Marie Claire: Pintrest


(Pantone 17-1145)- a colour so rich and sexy, you’ll be turning heads in this.

Dries Van Noten Fall- Noten: Vogue

These colours will certainly make you feel happier about dressing up this season.

We’re finally passed the days of golden leaves and fully into Winter. Oh, how I wish I could rewind to this time last month in Durban where I re-lived my lost summer days. Although, I’m not the biggest fan of this season, I now have an excuse to wear all of my favourite jackets.

My general rule of thumb is to buy clothing, especially outerwear pieces that transcend all trends and seasons. Whether you’re big on trends or not, if you own one of these items you cannot go wrong or freeze.


Here is a list of must-have classic jackets for this season and the ones to come.



Whether it’s a plain, acid washed or embroidered; you’re guaranteed that your denim jacket will work with most outfits.

Denim jacket

H21 at SPREE


It is a great idea to invest in one that zips up to keep you warm at colder moments.





Parka I have one and it’s my go to jacket- ALWAYS. When I’m feeling a bit lazy and seek the most comfortable item with the most pocket space, I reach for my parker. It doesn’t have to be khaki, it can be navy, black or red- whatever you love!





The same jacket that is paired with boyfriend jeans and creepers can also be worn over a formal shirt and pencil skirt for the office- a total WIN!





Is it possible to discuss jackets without mentioning trench coats?



Throwing a trench coat over a simple top or knit instantly elevates your outfit to another level of elegant and style.












I can guarantee that most women, young and old own, have owned or will one day own at least one item of denim. Trusted and adored for its durability and comfort; denim is a go to textile for EVERY season.

The denim pendulum has swung back and forth over the years from the super skinny to the flared and cropped, ripped and textured type of jeans that are seen on the streets and in stores right now.  However, fear not if none of these styles appeal to you, there will always be denim cuts in every style, for every shape and budget.

There’s a beauty about denim in that there are over than a hundred ways to wear it right and far less ways of wearing it wrong. Whether you’re dressing it up or down, do it easily with these on trend denim pieces, and while we’re at it, let’s talk some DIY.


Embroidered denim pieces are hot on the trend list this season. If you’re daunted by the idea of embroidering your jeans yourself or paying someone to do them for you, fear no more.  Alibaba.com  is great source of iron on patches and brooch pins to add character and sass to your denims at a steal.





All of us have old garments that haven’t seen the light beyond our wardrobe doors in a while. Why not cut them up into pieces, use a needle and thread to add patches to your denim jackets or bottoms? It’s super simple and no one will have the same denims as you.





Bring out the bleach! This season’s trends should make you less afraid of a bleach stain. There are endless ways to play with bleach; you can dip the lowest part of the legs into the bleach or try the tie-dye technique by using marbles and elastic bands and dipping parts of your jeans into the bleach to create a retro look. You can also create a new look denim jacket by washing a plain denim jacket in warm water and bleach a couple of times until you are satisfied with the look.





Giving an old pair of denims a face lift has never been easier. Use scissors and tweezers to cut holes and rip to your hearts content, there really are no rules when it comes to ripping.  I do highly recommend that you watch a tutorial or two to ensure that you get the best results.

025127cd16ba5231341a45cebea1bcc4 pintrest





Inspired by a brief encounter with a painter yesterday I remembered that using paint brushes of different sizes to decorate your denims, or even simpler, flicking different colours of paint onto your denims will give them an instant trend update.


painted denim




Having trendy denim pieces does not require you to spend money that you don’t have. With a little bit of creativity and online tutorials, you should be able to create whatever you want for next to nothing. Most importantly, have some fun doing so, because ain’t nobody got time for boring denims!




I have compiled a list of must-have, chic, and on trend items to have right now.

The simplest outfit of a classic white tee and denim jeans will instantly transformed by adding a striking piece either to your neck, Iphone or shoulders.



  1. Tassel earringsBoho tassels and fringes will be on the trend books for a while. Add subtle tassels for a classic look or try long, colourful and bold pieces for a more daring look.



     R149 AT H&M http://www.hm.com/za/product/84590?article=84590-C

                          R149 AT H&M


  2. Pink Perfection

    Expect to see bubble-gum pink everywhere in 2017, so why not embrace the colour with your accessories? I know I’m  going to! Invest in this stunning handbag with black and gold finishes from H&M.


R599 AT H&M http://www.hm.com/za/product/52243?article=52243-B
               R599 AT H&M




3.  Cat eye Cat eye Cat eye or the perfect shades for your shape!

For a perfect sunny day at the pool or driving along to your favourite song- you really want to be seen in these!  For a fairer skin tone opt for  the darker/ turtle shell frame,  and for a darker skin tone a lighter frame will do the trick. Every lady needs the perfect shades for her facial shape. Cat eye sunnies are hot on trend at the moment and are perfect for oval and round shaped faces.

R59.99 AT M PRICE https://www.mrp.com/en_za/cat-eye-sunglasses-1723510540
       R59.99 AT M PRICE

R349 AT FOREVER NEW https://www.forevernew.co.za/accessories/womens-accessories/sunglasses/dana-mirrored-cateye-sunglasses-rose-rose-gold



4. The statement chocker

The 90’s rock fashion culture returns in 2016/2017 as seen with the statement chocker. Multi-layering is huge too, so don’t be shy to add; the more the merrier!



               R140 AT WOOLWORTHS




5.Classic drop earrings

For a classic graceful finish to your office look add a simple pair of drop earrings. One can never go wrong with pearls, whatever the season, you’re sure to look elegant in them- so invest in a few!


   R59, STYLE REPUBLIC AT                       SPREE



6. Iphone cover

Why leave your phone out of all the fun? Dress it in this charming gold pineapple cover from Superbalist.


                   R299 AT SUPERBALIST



7. Stylish backpack

I love backpacks they are the ultimate hassle free essential. Slip one on your shoulders and forget that you’re carrying a bag. Why have one? Get them in as many different colours as you like.


     R229, STYLE REPUBLIC AT                             SPREE    



8.Punk Rings

Back to the 90’s punk rock fashion trend. Wear one or two on each finger.Wear them differently or mix with other rings to create new combos.

                 R49.99 AT MR PRICE





9. Quilted purse

Totally girly, compact and quilted. What more do you need, really?




10. Bucket Bag

I love mine! Don’t be fooled by how small these look- you can literally fit your entire life in one and I’m giving this two-toned baby the double thumbs up.


              R399 AT WOOLWORTHS






Conversations with a girlfriends and other female acquaintances lead me to the realisation that I in fact knew very little about bras and the importance of wearing a good fitting bra. Unlike sex ed many girls don’t get the appropriate training on bra wearing.  I then decided to contact Taryn Palacios the Bra Guru for expert advice.

I am embarrassed to admit that my boobs have been in the wrong bras for all my teen and young adult life. Sadly this is the case for many women who have never had an accurate bra fitting. Many of us guess and gamble with our bras which not only affects the way we look but has negative effects on our backs and breast tissue.

Sadly due to hygiene issues bras cannot be returned to many retail stores and as a result, women are forced to make do with what they have, even if it is unflattering and uncomfortable.

Making bad bra choices is a mistake that all women should avoid with the help of experts such as Taryn Palacios who is based in Hyde Park Johannesburg and who has quite frankly saved my boobs from any further torture.

Now is the time to stop making bad bra choices! Bras are beautiful and serve and important and powerful function.  While you watch, learn what not to do from me, and be sure to share the information with other women in your life!



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