I can guarantee that most women, young and old own, have owned or will one day own at least one item of denim. Trusted and adored for its durability and comfort; denim is a go to textile for EVERY season.

The denim pendulum has swung back and forth over the years from the super skinny to the flared and cropped, ripped and textured type of jeans that are seen on the streets and in stores right now.  However, fear not if none of these styles appeal to you, there will always be denim cuts in every style, for every shape and budget.

There’s a beauty about denim in that there are over than a hundred ways to wear it right and far less ways of wearing it wrong. Whether you’re dressing it up or down, do it easily with these on trend denim pieces, and while we’re at it, let’s talk some DIY.


Embroidered denim pieces are hot on the trend list this season. If you’re daunted by the idea of embroidering your jeans yourself or paying someone to do them for you, fear no more.  Alibaba.com  is great source of iron on patches and brooch pins to add character and sass to your denims at a steal.





All of us have old garments that haven’t seen the light beyond our wardrobe doors in a while. Why not cut them up into pieces, use a needle and thread to add patches to your denim jackets or bottoms? It’s super simple and no one will have the same denims as you.





Bring out the bleach! This season’s trends should make you less afraid of a bleach stain. There are endless ways to play with bleach; you can dip the lowest part of the legs into the bleach or try the tie-dye technique by using marbles and elastic bands and dipping parts of your jeans into the bleach to create a retro look. You can also create a new look denim jacket by washing a plain denim jacket in warm water and bleach a couple of times until you are satisfied with the look.





Giving an old pair of denims a face lift has never been easier. Use scissors and tweezers to cut holes and rip to your hearts content, there really are no rules when it comes to ripping.  I do highly recommend that you watch a tutorial or two to ensure that you get the best results.

025127cd16ba5231341a45cebea1bcc4 pintrest





Inspired by a brief encounter with a painter yesterday I remembered that using paint brushes of different sizes to decorate your denims, or even simpler, flicking different colours of paint onto your denims will give them an instant trend update.


painted denim




Having trendy denim pieces does not require you to spend money that you don’t have. With a little bit of creativity and online tutorials, you should be able to create whatever you want for next to nothing. Most importantly, have some fun doing so, because ain’t nobody got time for boring denims!




I have compiled a list of must-have, chic, and on trend items to have right now.

The simplest outfit of a classic white tee and denim jeans will instantly transformed by adding a striking piece either to your neck, Iphone or shoulders.



  1. Tassel earringsBoho tassels and fringes will be on the trend books for a while. Add subtle tassels for a classic look or try long, colourful and bold pieces for a more daring look.



     R149 AT H&M http://www.hm.com/za/product/84590?article=84590-C

                          R149 AT H&M


  2. Pink Perfection

    Expect to see bubble-gum pink everywhere in 2017, so why not embrace the colour with your accessories? I know I’m  going to! Invest in this stunning handbag with black and gold finishes from H&M.


R599 AT H&M http://www.hm.com/za/product/52243?article=52243-B
               R599 AT H&M




3.  Cat eye Cat eye Cat eye or the perfect shades for your shape!

For a perfect sunny day at the pool or driving along to your favourite song- you really want to be seen in these!  For a fairer skin tone opt for  the darker/ turtle shell frame,  and for a darker skin tone a lighter frame will do the trick. Every lady needs the perfect shades for her facial shape. Cat eye sunnies are hot on trend at the moment and are perfect for oval and round shaped faces.

R59.99 AT M PRICE https://www.mrp.com/en_za/cat-eye-sunglasses-1723510540
       R59.99 AT M PRICE

R349 AT FOREVER NEW https://www.forevernew.co.za/accessories/womens-accessories/sunglasses/dana-mirrored-cateye-sunglasses-rose-rose-gold



4. The statement chocker

The 90’s rock fashion culture returns in 2016/2017 as seen with the statement chocker. Multi-layering is huge too, so don’t be shy to add; the more the merrier!



               R140 AT WOOLWORTHS




5.Classic drop earrings

For a classic graceful finish to your office look add a simple pair of drop earrings. One can never go wrong with pearls, whatever the season, you’re sure to look elegant in them- so invest in a few!


   R59, STYLE REPUBLIC AT                       SPREE



6. Iphone cover

Why leave your phone out of all the fun? Dress it in this charming gold pineapple cover from Superbalist.


                   R299 AT SUPERBALIST



7. Stylish backpack

I love backpacks they are the ultimate hassle free essential. Slip one on your shoulders and forget that you’re carrying a bag. Why have one? Get them in as many different colours as you like.


     R229, STYLE REPUBLIC AT                             SPREE    



8.Punk Rings

Back to the 90’s punk rock fashion trend. Wear one or two on each finger.Wear them differently or mix with other rings to create new combos.

                 R49.99 AT MR PRICE





9. Quilted purse

Totally girly, compact and quilted. What more do you need, really?




10. Bucket Bag

I love mine! Don’t be fooled by how small these look- you can literally fit your entire life in one and I’m giving this two-toned baby the double thumbs up.


              R399 AT WOOLWORTHS






Conversations with a girlfriends and other female acquaintances lead me to the realisation that I in fact knew very little about bras and the importance of wearing a good fitting bra. Unlike sex ed many girls don’t get the appropriate training on bra wearing.  I then decided to contact Taryn Palacios the Bra Guru for expert advice.

I am embarrassed to admit that my boobs have been in the wrong bras for all my teen and young adult life. Sadly this is the case for many women who have never had an accurate bra fitting. Many of us guess and gamble with our bras which not only affects the way we look but has negative effects on our backs and breast tissue.

Sadly due to hygiene issues bras cannot be returned to many retail stores and as a result, women are forced to make do with what they have, even if it is unflattering and uncomfortable.

Making bad bra choices is a mistake that all women should avoid with the help of experts such as Taryn Palacios who is based in Hyde Park Johannesburg and who has quite frankly saved my boobs from any further torture.

Now is the time to stop making bad bra choices! Bras are beautiful and serve and important and powerful function.  While you watch, learn what not to do from me, and be sure to share the information with other women in your life!



I had the privilege of meeting Sandi this week, who was one of the lucky ladies who won a wardrobe cleansing experience with me. We had a blast and we both walked away from the experience with fresh perspective, wisdom and a new found friendship.

We briefly spoke over the phone the previous week, and in her words, not mine she admitted that her wardrobe was a mess and that she was happy to have me help her clear out the clutter.

We began by removing all the clothes from her cupboard and sorting them into different piles- those that were to stay, and those she felt could be donated to charity and the rest that were ready to meet the BIN!

* I like to sort everything into piles to make sense of where everything should go and WHY.*

Here are five of the lessons that I took away from Monday’s experience:


Everything has a story

It was interesting to discover that each item had a story, we all have stories about how certain things end up in our spaces, some stories are deeper and more profound than others, but there’s a story to them and that’s why I believe it’s hard to let go of some of the things that we have because many of them are attached to fond memories of who we were and what we had at past moments in our lives. We often want to cling to the clutter that doesn’t even make sense to keep!



 These have  been patched up far tooo many times.



Make space for the new and for the better

Sandi is on the brink of embarking on a new adventure in life, and with every new adventure presents new and better things that we’ve never had or experienced. I believe that this was the perfect opportunity to clear the space for the new blessings that are coming her way, and while doing so, she was also preparing a blessing for someone else.


 You attract more of who you are and what you have

We all have colours that we are consciously and sub-consciously drawn to.  I’m guilty of owning far too many black items, I guess it’s because I believe it’s safe and I can build anything around it which explains why I’m immediately drawn to black garments when I’m shopping. Sandi’s colours are red, brown, purple, black and hints of colour here and there. It got me to thinking that all cupboards have mini trends of their own.


 It gets easier

She said, “Wow, it actually gets easier as you go”.

It does get easier to gain perspective when there’s less clutter. It gets easier to give when you realise how much you already have, it gets easier to find your way through a neater space… I promise you with time, it get easier to let things go.


 It is  fun

Laugh out loud about all the embarrassing holey clothing in your cupboard, there’s nothing to be ashamed of- we all have things that we would rather hide from others, but releasing them all brings freedom. #noshame


I thank Sandisiwe Shongwe for this experience; I absolutely loved every minute of it.




The black bag on the left has all the clothing that she will be donating to the charity of her choice.

The bag on the right is going to the BIN!!! BYE


Bin Bags

Flats to a wedding?

Some cringe at the thought but I say, DO IT! Not only before you hit the dance floor but rock them to the ceremony, the reception and the after party. No doubt your feet will thank you for it, and not only that, you’ll shut that party down!

I attended a wedding this weekend and for the first time since I was a kid, I wore flats! Yes, I wore my favourite new pair of metallic loafers. Most of us believe that a wedding outfit can only be completed with a killer pair of heels, although that may be true to some degree, believe it or not flats can do the trick too.

I did make the effort to look for the perfect pair of heels, but most of the options were either way over priced or simply just didn’t do it for me. I then decided to opt for the metallic pair of loafers that I had spotted a month ago in the store. At first I wasn’t 100% sure how it was all going to come together, but in the end it worked out for me. My budget was on point and at the end of night my feet were happy! #win

Let’s face it, weddings are often long events that often go on long into the night and by that time most people are carrying their shoes in their hands anyway, so make life simple; wear the flats and shut that wedding party down!


Everyday is one day closer to Summer… Although some might argue that Summer is already here as temperatures in Johannesburg have exceeded 30 degrees over the past week, one still needs a little cardi for the nippy mornings and evenings.

Here is my list of selected favourite classics that I believe we all should have one of, and will see you through many seasons to come.

The chain detail loafer

They can either be flat of have a tiny block heel to give you that extra lift. Loafers are a must-have, not just for this season, and the win for me because #COMFORT is a thing!


   R1099 at MANGO

The Palazzo Pants

My absolute number one style of trousers for this season! Loose and comfortable enough for anything and are a perfect desk to dinner piece.


R349 at H&M

The Blazer

You really cannot get it wrong with a classic blazer, I always say invest in two- a thick one for winter and a lighter one for the “in-between” seasons. This black double breasted one does it for me!



The Scarf

A light scarf is ideal to wrap around your neck or shoulders on a breezier day, and if that’s not your style wear it on your head. Turbans are the biggest accessories right now!



The Shirt

A classic long-sleeved cotton shirt will keep you cool, and there are so many ways to wear it. Wear it with your boyfriend jeans or pair it with a suede pencil skirt, however you want to do it.


R549 at MANGO

The Gilet

If you want one item to stand out of your outfit- then invest in a gilet or otherwise known as the sleeveless blazer! It’s the ultimate piece. Team it with a light weight long-sleeved tee and skinny jeans, and you’re ready to hit the road.



On Saturday, the 16th of July 2016 I spoke at a wellness session hosted by Lynn Forbes at the Business Centre, Design Quarter in Johannesburg. The women who attended the session are in their third month of their weight loss program which is facilitated by Lynn Forbes. My collaboration with Lynn was based on the premise that we envision to help change women from the inside out.

On the day I spoke about dressing for your size; which included dressing for your shape and for your pocket. We later also had a trend session where I discusses what they can expect to see in stores this summer and how they can incorporate new trends into their wardrobes. The ladies had a fantastic time and many of their styling questions were addressed.

What do you do when the ‘I don’t have anything to wear bug bites’?  Most people rush off to the stores to buy more and more clothing. Adding more clothing to your ‘I don’t have anything to wear’ situation is actually the worst answer to the problem. We all know how dangerous those emotionally driven shopping sprees can be; most of the time they leave one BROKE and a bit emotional. You might feel slightly happier about the new dress or pair of shoes that you scored but let’s be honest your bank statement may not be as exciting to look at.

We all have those days where we are simply uninspired by what we see in our own cupboards, but that should not be the reason to go shopping.  On my free days I clean out my cupboards and lay all my clothing on my bed, this always gives me a clear picture of what I do have as well as a fresh perspective. It also helps me realise how much clothing I actually have and then it hits me that maybe just maybe I’m bored because I’m always wearing the same clothes in the same way. Follow the steps that I use to creating new outfits with the clothes that are already in your cupboard.


  • Re-arrange your cupboard:


Perhaps your cupboard has been packed in a particular order for a while now and out of habit and convenience you keep picking the clothing that is the closest to the front of your cupboard.


  • Mix IT:


Start breaking the rules a little bit. You can wear one item of clothing in many different ways.

For example: wear a maxi skirt over the bottom of your jump-suit and use the top part of your jump-suit as a top.

Have a tube maxi skirt that you bored of wearing in the same way? Lift your tube maxi over your boobs and wear it a calf-length boob-tube dress.

These are just two examples of what you can do with your clothes there are really endless possibilities.


  • Colour it:


Don’t be afraid of colour, be bold, and be a bit unconventional with your colours.  Experiment with different shades of colours and different textures you’ll be amazed at what you can create.


These are a few ideas that I use when I’m feeling uninspired by my cupboard. Shopping is not always the answer. Creativity is.


I recently left a toxic working environment, and upon leaving I learned that there were several areas of my life that needed deep cleansing.

I am one being but I have different aspects that play their role that complete me, the trinity of my mind body and spirit. If one of these elements is out of sync with the rest as a result of being too cluttered and toxic it wreaks havoc with the whole unit, (my entire being).  It affects the most comfortable and familiar spaces of my life.

You can never treat the spirit as its own being; it has an intricate connection to the mind and the body. Typically if it is cluttered, and compounded by toxins and negativity, the results will manifest themselves in the body. Internally, my body was a mess from ingesting food that was sweet to taste but was harmful and vicious to my digestive system, my vitality and overall quality of life.

I have fun with my clothing and occasionally my mother’s clothing- it is my outlet of self-expression. My cupboard and anybody’s for the fact is where all the magic begins. For the longest time my cupboard was a tsunami- you would swear that it was packed by a five year old boy. Half of the clothes were ironed the other half, well had not been touched by one in a few months, either way there was no discrimination in there. All of them were shoved, rolled and pressed against the door that I hoped with all my heart would not give way to the bursting mess behind it.  Every aspect of me required deep cleansing.

‘You start by starting’ is a quote from the Suits and are the words that persuaded me to actually ‘start’ cleaning the mess that hid behind the doors of not only my mind, body, spirit but also of my cupboard.  I gave myself an hour to clean the mess, to get rid of all the clothes that were acting as space killers in there. As I separated the good from the bad, I felt a sense of relief as if I was removing the darkness and the dead weight. After an hour and a bit my challenge was over and this is what my cupboard looks like now.  It is fresh but it also looks decent enough for me to share on the internet, HELLO! Today I learned the impact of cleansing my entire being of negativity and toxic weight that hinders me from being the best version of me.

“The only person with you your whole life is you. Your parents die. Things inside you die- illusions, gushes of personality. Only you can sort yourself out. Yourself may not be all that you need, but it is all you’ve got”. Kate Bush