Living in coral- 2019’s colour of the year

Feature image: Pantone on Instagram

It’s from the sweet calming tones that lie beneath the surface of the sea where Pantone, the Colour Institute draws its inspiration for 2019. This year the colour that is forecasted to dominate both design and fashion spaces is known as Pantone 16-1546, Living Coral.

This shade of peachy pink which offers a lighter feeling than last year’s Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet is a flirty pink that almost anyone can embrace.

And since, we’ll be seeing more of this colour throughout 2019, here are some ways to make it work perfectly for you.

Florals and easy flow: You may find yourself ahead of the curve if you’re heavily into combos of peachy pink and florals and if you’re keen on going deeper, explore ruffles and soft satin pieces this season.

In the mix with metallics and deets: It’s easy to love a colour that partners well with others especially striking metallics and earthy tones. Add gold, silver and bronze to your coral ensembles.

Tonal: Keep it solid in monochrome or get creative with your layering by adding darker shades of pink or peach to your look because it only gets better with more colour.


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