I Got My Eyebrows Micro-bladed and This Is What Happened

Naturally, I belong to the sparse eyebrow squad. My eyebrows are thin and my redemptive method is threading, to enhance their definition. I’ve had the same eyebrow lady for two years and a bit now. It hasn’t always been rosy, especially at the beginning of our relationship, however, I feel like her and I have finally reached an understanding. 

So since I fall into this very unfavourable eyebrow gang, it’s only natural that I jumped at the chance of receive a complimentary microblading treatment, (a semi-permanent make up, brow filling treatment) from Shelby Cook who works for MUD Sandton Make Up Studio. 

Yesterday, we took off to Centurion in Gauteng, South Africa to start the first round of my microblading treatment. 

Honestly, I felt anxious about the turn out but it was too late to change my mind as I had already put my faith in the process and in Shelby (who by the way was extremely gracious, reassuring and professional).

Myself and my microblading technician, Shelby Cook

Step 1- The Pre-treatment

During this step I was briefed on what to expect during my treatment. All the T’s & C’s were read and many of my pre-treatment questions were answered. The Lash Collection in Centurion is a stylish and welcoming studio so all my fears were put to rest. 

Stage 2- The first round of numbing

This part of the process was the kick off stage of the treatment. I was instructed to lay on the bed and my eyebrows were covered with the numbing cream which would later make the cutting process a lot more bearable.

Shelby cleaning the forehead and brow area
Shelby applying the numbing cream

Step 3- The colour test

 I was offered a selection of dye colours to choose from for my eyebrows. Instinctively, I opted for black (warm black), since it is my natural hair colour.

The numbing cream sat on my brows for 20 minutes

Step 4- The Measuring

After the 20 minutes had lapsed, my eyes, forehead and brows were measured to ensure the best symmetrical finish.

Shelby measuring my brows

Step 5- Second round of numbing

This was the numbing phase that took place right before the cutting began.. Again, the numbing cream was left on for 15-20 minutes.

Step 6- The Cutting

This was when the drawing of the strokes started. The first strokes were not painful, it was until the blade hit the bone on the corners of my brows that I started to feel the pain.

Step 7- The Dye

This was the final part of the treatment for the day. The dye was added to give my brows are darker finish.


This was me moments after the treatment was over. I was given a soothing ointment to ease the pain and stinging sensation.

What else to know

My treatment with Shelby lasted a little over an hour but it’s normal to expect your microblading visit to last up to 2 full hours depending on the technician and the work that needs to be done to your brows.


The average cost of microblading treatments range between R1200- R1800 at MUD Make Up Studios, and Lash Collection. 

After Care

A mandatory touch up needs to follow the initial treatment in 4-6 weeks. My touch up is booked for the last week of November, this year and depending on how well the pigmentation lasts on my skin, I’ll return to Shelby within 12- 18 months.

24 Hours later

When I got home yesterday, my brows were oozing and inflamed. I was instructed to wash them with a mild antibacterial soap which I did and after, applied the cooling ointment given to me. I repeated this process in the evening before bed and this morning after my bath.

My brows still look very dark and wider than usual but that this is a normal and they should return to normal shortly.

For more information on microblading and eyelash extentions, follow @shelby_jessica_cook and @mud_studio_sandton on the gram

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