Flats You Should Be Wearing to Weddings

Around this time last year, I attended a wedding in flats and since then have not changed my mind. For some reason I believed that heels were the only acceptable shoes to wear to weddings inspite of the pain and the discomfort they caused. I would always leave an emergency pair of flats in the car which my sore feet would always thank me for after a long day in discomfort.

It’s after too many of these bad experiences in heels that I thought to change my mind and start wearing flats to weddings, and it’s not hard to guess that I enjoy weddings for more this way, and at the end of the night, my feet are just as happy too.

So, if you like me are ready to ditch the myth about having to wear heels to a wedding, I’ve created a list of lust worthy flats that you’ll love to wear to every wedding from now on.

Lace ups


Slip Ons

Sling Backs


Pumps and Loafers


Feature image source: MRP

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