Cords could be the denims of 2018

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Yes, this velvety ribbed textile is doing its rounds in fashion again, and this time for all the right reasons (thankfully).

I’ve personally never had a exciting relationship with corduroy, (my five year old self knows this very well). My 90’s yellow bell-bottom cords were my greatest nightmare and I never ever had a choice when it came to wearing them as my mother strongly believed in corduroy’s durability and was a advocate for its warmth.

However, a fast forward to 2018 and the thought of wearing corduroy head to toe is not such a scary one after all. Even though I never like to admit it, my mother has always been right. Right about corduroy’s toughness and even more accurate about its warmth.

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Hopefully, these most up to the minute pieces will inspire you to consider making a corduroy addition to your looks this winter, that’s if corduroy’s hard-wearing qualities and snugness aren’t enough of a reason to do so.

Here’s some cords inspo for you!

Layering Made Easy

Layering is surprisingly simple and extremely flattering with cords in the mix. Throw a pinafore or dungarees atop a bottle neck and waste no further time on winter layering woes.

Glamourous at Superbalist, R349
Contempo at Spree, R360

Accessorising is all about texture

Faux fur, mohair and tweed are among some of the most noticeable textures right now, but it’s the cords that are really worth paying attention to especially on the trendiest accessories.

Cotton On, R179

Colour and more colour

It’s safe to say that one can get away with all the brightest colours when it comes to wearing corduroy. The rule is simply to do how you like.

Thebe Magugu at Spree, R1399
Thebe Magugu at Spree, R2499


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