I have loved fashion and styling since my early teens. My maternal grandmother was a seamstress, so fashion has always been a part of me. Like most 14 year old, I wanted to be trendy and stylish, but I was raised by my single mother who often didn’t have the money to buy me new clothes, and so I had to learn to be as creative as I could with what I had, and that’s where my passion for styling grew. My style then was a mix of R5 thrift shop tops, hand me downs and vintage pieces from my mother’s closet.

At 18 years I decided that I wanted to pursue a ‘formal’ career in fashion and especially as a stylist. I enrolled at a Fashion academy in Johannesburg and only lasted a sum total of eleven months out of a three year course due to a lack of finances. During that time I decided to write a book for women on based on styling after having observed many women who seemed to be struggling to get it right. After two years and two bad career moves I focused myself on fashion and worked as a freelance stylist with Woman and Home Magazine. It’s my passion and pleasure to help women look and feel their best.

Weird body shape, help!!!?

I have a weird body shape, can I still look good?

Absolutely, in fact it is your right to do so

What is fashion’s effect on me?  
One of my firm beliefs is that the clothing that you wear and the way in which you co-ordinate it has one of the most powerful effects on you and the people that you interact with, but most importantly on you.
Is it going to cost me a fortune?

Absolutely not! I help you work out a budget according to your affordability. There is no point looking good while drowning in debt.
How do I keep up with the changes of my new image?

I offer follow-up calls as part of all my packages, and my easy to follow eBook will inspire you when you’re out of ideas.
My current image does not fit what I do, how do I change this?
The first step that I take with my clients is profiling, where I take into consideration who she is, what she is, the lifestyle that she leads, what she likes and who she wants to be. I use her profile as a foundation.
What results can I expect?
You can expect to look and feel great and keep it up; it’s simple and fun.










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